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New Comic!
So a lot happened.

I really wanted to get back to Lies That Bind, but not only is the title sort of... widely used these days, but the earlier art is old and I wasn't thrilled with where the story was going.

So I decided to start over!

You can read the new comic here:

I hope you all enjoy the new comic!
Hey guys, I got a tablet for Christmas! So with any luck, updates can resume!

But since it's Christmas and I have a lot of wonderful new books to devour, a small doodle for you.

Finally got this page done.

I'm going to try to update more consistently whenever my roommate lets me use her tablet.

(though it's pretty big. It's way nice of her to let me use it, but I need to find a different way to sit with it, it hurts my hip, haha. XD)

Anyway enjoy!
Hey guys! I really wanted to make this nice for you, but my tablet literally died completely right in the middle of cleaning up the lines.

Literally in the middle of it.

So uh...I was just about done with an actual update? I'm going to beg my roommate to let me use her tablet to finish it up in the next few days!

After that...well, if all else fails, LtB will go traditional! Yeah!

why does everything have to make updating this comic so difficult. XD;
What's this, I'm alive?

I am!

I apologize for the long wait between pages, and I have to apologize if there's another wait. I'm in the middle of a bunch of stuff so my life is a little crazy right now!

Anyway, thanks for reading!
...There's a real picture for this in the works, and a new page is well on its way to being done, but school and my life in general has just been really hectic this week. Hopefully I can get a lot done this weekend! I'll replace this with the real picture later!

But thanks for one year anyway! 8D Hopefully this year will be better!
Happy Valentine's Day! Have a page!

Sorry for the delay, I really am. Last semester was not kind to me, and I didn't have a tablet for a long time. I'm still working with a different art program, so I had to make a few changes to how I do pages. Notice this one is smaller. they're all going to be smaller, and I'm sorry about that.

I will try to update when I can! School is in session again so it's a little iffy, but hopefully at least once a week!

Thanks to everyone who stuck with me through this!
This is part of a set of stickers that is going to be part of a contest! 79779766

The due date is February 14th, which is when I will remove this post and start updating again.

I'm SO sorry for the delay, guys. The semester I had last semester was really, really bad. I'll just leave it at that.

Anyway, enjoy new art so I can take some old filler down.
Yes, we are back to black and white. I know you guys liked the color, but it was either return to black and white or slow updates down. I chose to return to black and white. I like it better, anyway!

@Guest - Thank you!
@Tinara - oh wow, thank you! I'm so glad you like it!
@Jwayze - Hey, long time no see! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you keep enjoying the comic!

and a big thank you to everyone who is still reading the comic! And a hug! *hugs*
If you follow me on tumblr or da, then you probably were expecting this. If not I'm sorry.

My second time playing with copics. I love them. X3
Yay another page done! :D

Um...yeah that's all. Had a busy week, I hope next week is less busy but it might be even busier. @.@
Thiiiis is not the best page quality wise. Had a veeery busy week.

But the rats are cute! :D

Sorry Dr. Brown looked creepy in the last panel of previous page, guest!

And noooo fan art for my birthday. I was sad.
Yaaay the page is on time today!

And tomorrow is my birthday, so if you were ever going to do fan art.... :D

I really like Dr. Brown's design for some reason.

I forgot to mention that the paperweight in the last two comics was a creature created by my friend Yoko, and you should visit her DA at because she is an amazing and astounding artist. (and also super nice and all around wonderful).
I'm so sorry the page is late! My pen nib got too worn down to do much and I couldn't find my other ones and my other tablet is dead and so I sat down and cried for a bit and then...found them in my pencil box.

ANYWAY here is the page. :D

@Theorah - I loooove magicness! Glad it makes it more fun!
@XtremeOverdrive - Thank you!

Glad everyone is liking the color so far!
Whoo the beginning of Chapter 1! 8D New character! Yaaaaay! Color! YAAAY! (the color is an experiment. We'll see if I keep it up! What do you guys think?)

sorry it's a tiny bit late, photoshop decided that saving my files was for losers.
I wanted a more impressive chapter cover, but unfortunately a surprise family vacation...took me by surprise. Surprisingly. Real updates will resume next week. I'm sorry! D: I love you all!
I think I make Rai's hair poofier every time I draw it. Oops.

Remember next week will be a filler! I will be at Table 10 at Anime Oasis in Boise. Come say hi if you're going!

Oh and the end of the prologue, yaaaaay!
Another simple comic. I'm gearing up for a convention in a few weeks here so I've been really busy! I'm going to be attending Anime Oasis in Boise, Idaho from May 26-29th. I'll be in Artist Alley, so if you're going drop by and say hi!

In other news next page is the last page of the...prologue, I guess. Crazy!
Sorry this page is a little simple. It's finals week over here.

In other news my job was supposed to begin today, but there have been some complications. As a result I really need money, and I am taking commissions. I have some samples here if you're interested!

Thank you for all of the nice comments (and the faves on the Lin chibi I posted in the comments last week X3)
Rai (pronounced Ray) is apparently the most popular character. Who knew.

Oh and if you're missing Lin, a friend of mine commissioned me to draw him, and you can find him here:

yaaay chibis!

Thanks for the comments, and yes, feeling much better. now I'm off to finish off the semester! Yay!