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Heya people
What I like?...well uhm..there's a lot..
I'm fascinated by foreign cultures and traveling, lately especially Asia.
As well I'm into traveling places, stories and worlds through music and images or words.

Drawing/painting kinda recreates the World in a single image. It's a story of its own from then.
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April 18th, 2014
it's still there
Well I might be a little late for waving good bye, but I bring good news. It's still there!
I just found this Doujin some days ago and it perfectly fascinated me so I could deal with my own bleach-mess WAY better!
Redux starts about the moment I quit reading long ago for some reasons, but having the story still in my head lacking a good end so badly, you really picked me up where l got stuck and made all the lose ends come together!
You completed my idea of bleach with this Doujin! Thank you.

When i first heard about the new arc I was wondering what the hell could come next and why such a big thing doesnt deserve it's end.
Things that are continued and continued forever usually get stuck for either author or reader will stop putting his/her heart into since you seem to have feld like that for the original, i understand very well that you decided to stop.
But the thing you created is still big *o*