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The Internet is asking for me? To arms, my creative powers! We shall make them laugh until they beg for mercy! (Or die of self-induced asphyxiation.)
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I'm just imagining a mechanical "Self Destruct Sequence Activated" bubble in the fifth panel.
Caek makes a good point really. What's the point of making Amy wear a dress if Sonic and Sally pretty much run around in the nude anyway? Unless it's a Japanese fascination with dresses or something...

*edit* Oh wait, Sally actually has fur in front, wheras I guess hedgehogs like Sonic and Amy would be portrayed without. My bad.
Reminds me of the prologue mission of MMZ2.
February 24th, 2011
Be neat if this was a flash back of cranky old man catching a weedle in his youth.
Heee, green club megaman and anime-style motion blurs.