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So, uh this is my first time reading this, but those guys kinda reminded me how Kris and Toby's dad looked?
And then Im wondering. where they came form. And this king. I don't like him and he refused to say what happened to Toby.
What Im saying is.. well... oof.
I'm continually amazed how beautiful the water color is <3
Now I'm curious what your original idea was. owo;
Vaporeon is great choice :D Was my favorite before Umbreon showed up, it's still in my "top" list xD
September 29th, 2014
So, my cat sits on my computer chair, does that mean she's gamer cat and is playing my cookie clicker game when I'm not looking? XD
September 25th, 2014
Lol, she thinks Abel got turned into a pokemon. Somehow I think she's wrong. XD
September 25th, 2014
Cuteness equation. XD and I thought Rat was cute.
Way to be a dick Arceus.

Someone otta trap you in a tinny containment sphere and then lock you in a computer for all eternity. Or until the internal battery runs out.
I... love her feet. XD you do them so well. I want to squish the pads. just a little bit. It's a bad time for that, I know XD
It's name is now "That thing" XD

Also, theres a smug on DT's face, and its bothering me. /eye twitch
There is a lot of cute on this page. (Walking-plant, Rat) I fore see something going horribly wrong very soon. XD
@MecanicalCH: With our powers combined he will be captain-

LIVE TO 20! 8D
Kahn is waaay to nice. I would have kicked atty were it hurts and kept walking, if that were me XD
But I guess this answers the "Why didn't nintendo give you an option of joining the rockets!?" XD
I Just
Cant even
Oh wow. That really did happen. /scared for life
terrible puns are awesome XD They're almost better then the comic!
The.... Ffffffff..!?!?!?! /brain meltdown
and yet when *I* walk though mount moon I never see ONE of these suckers. D:

Some people have all the luck. Although in this occasion, I think Addy can keep it. XD
Next page; Ireth is eaten, credits roll.

Too bad you couldn't have planned the schedule for that, would have made an excellent April fools joke XD