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Podcaster, Programmer, Gamer geek, and knows enough to know he doesn't enough.
Twitter: Arvandus
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    Jesus Rodriguez
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September 7th, 2011
Never has a TROMP brought so much fear upon a mortal.
They have a million words for betrayal, but only 1 for STAB BACK ATTACK!!!
That ..... may hurt....
If that's the alien weapon I think it is, Johnson may want to shift slightly out of the way.. and by shift slightly I mean GTFO!!!!!

... Although honestly, I wonder if I should use one of those in my Rogue Trader game. I think some of the listeners for the Fandible podcast might like hearing one of my Ork players try to dodge out of a weapon that will literally rip a hole in the warp. :D
Oh, this isnt gonna be pretty
I remember her as the alien that is going to have a extremely violent death at the hand of our good friend Johnson. Cant wait!! *gets the popcorn ready*
Smells like Victory
.... I think I finally have a Idea for my Deathwatch campaign. By idea I mean, it must involve fire. LOTS OF FIRE!!!!
Holy Monkey crap!!!!!