Real Name: Holton
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Nothing special. No hobbies that aren't video game related (I love YouTube and a few obscure games). I'm just here to read some funny comics to pass the long days.

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Comment on page 715 - the cast piles up of Far Out There
CarrotSticks, 17 Mar 2015 09:54 am
*pops in out of no where*
What's going on? The last time I was reading this comic (before the dreaded *DUN DUN DUNNN* college interfered with my life), I believe Trigger was climbing through vents with his shirt off as a blatant sign of skinny-kid fanservice. Now, there's a rainbow-haired dude and what looks like a space idol. Clearly I have some (a lot) of catching up to do.
Comment on MERRY CHRISTMAS! of Far Out There
CarrotSticks, 25 Dec 2013 07:15 pm
Meeeeeerry Christmas! *pocket confetti
Comment on Page MAGICAL GIRLS EVERYWHERE of Far Out There
CarrotSticks, 01 Apr 2013 06:06 pm
Layla should be Kyuubey, as she seems like the evil contract type...
Comment on Page 507 - discovering things that don't work of Far Out There
CarrotSticks, 20 Jan 2013 08:03 pm
I can't wait until they fix the energy problem, but realize that they forgot to rewire everything.
Either the TV goes BOOM or turns into some kind of freaky robot.
Comment on Happy 2013! of Far Out There
CarrotSticks, 01 Jan 2013 02:57 pm
I couldn't get to sleep, so I reluctantly stayed up till the new year.

I'm sure my sister would love that sweater.
Comment on Page 502 - and now, back to our show of Far Out There
CarrotSticks, 31 Dec 2012 05:04 pm
Ahh, the normal comic strip came back right after I recovered from my illness! How nice! And now I have tons of Christmas strips to read, too.
Comment on It's a Conventional Wisdom Christmas! - page 2 of Conventional Wisdom
CarrotSticks, 05 Dec 2012 08:59 pm
Comment on How The Caligaris Stole Christmas - page 2 of Far Out There
CarrotSticks, 02 Dec 2012 10:55 pm
FWAH. I am glad you're making these comics, I need them. Why didn't you warn me that being productive and learning to draw is so tiring!? I blame you!

AND BLATANT ADVERTISING BECAUSE I WANT TO... Check out my art thread. *wink wink
Commissions should wait until January, though...
Comment on Page 500 - HOLY CRAP PAGE 500 of Far Out There
CarrotSticks, 27 Nov 2012 09:58 am
Comment on Happy (and soggy) Halloween of Conventional Wisdom
CarrotSticks, 05 Nov 2012 05:00 pm
... Wait, I skipped to like #280.
Well darn, I have more comics to read! *fake sigh

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