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When I was younger my sister lived in a different state and the cheapest way to talk to her was by texting.
This happened a few years ago and I thought I'd make Jake go through it like me, I still have no idea to this day why she did it.

Also I like Jake's expression in this one.
I really did this when I was younger and that girl came at me with a bat.
Based on a true event, only there were more people.
And here it starts
Well here it is, the first comic I made for this, I made the line way to thick on some parts, but the ones soon to come should be better.
Heidi's hardcore.
(To the previous poster) who's iron shark? The only shark I see is game shark, anyways I'm really enjoying the comic guys.
I actually have that necklace, it's the kingdom hearts one right?
That hamster is awesome.
I think I might like this better if she started freaking out.