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Hello there! My name is Marquia but my BFF's call me Kimmiko. I love Shojo, yaoi, Bishies, animals, manga, anime and writing/reading fanfictions.
"Ooooh shit!"
I can tell this is going to be awesome!

Love how you drew the cat!
There is no need to be sorry! One of the sexiest pictures I've seen!
He put him in a shopping cart!! XDDD
I will never get tired of your chibi's!
What are the odds! lol
I swear as I was reading this page Big Time Rush's "Nothing Even Matters" started to play. XD
I love Dani! XD
This is pure perfection! X3
Cursed cliffhangers!! Xx
UH-OH! I hope he doesn't try and kill her like he did the other girl! D=
Awwwww! =3
Awesome face Pin! XD
LOL!! I love Kaito <3
The Mario crew!! GENIUS! XDDDD
Mario!!! XDDDD
My cat does the same thing! He'll make the cutest face or just roll over so that I can't stay mad at him. Cats defiantly know how to use their cute factor lol
September 27th, 2011
The Powerpuff Girls!! lol

*Cough* "Towel?!" LMAO!! XD
September 27th, 2011
Oh man I hate those commercials!! I turn the split second it comes on! I just can't handle sad animals!! D,X
lol! XD