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I have two certificates in Graphic Design. I have done two art exhibits and I have a few books published so far. I used to work in an Art Gallery as well as a Printing Company. Now I am a freelancer.
Oh one more thing about me-I'm socially awkward in person.

Visit my 1st blog:

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Buy a graphic novel that was a collaboration piece. It is very good too. Please come see:

I also have books out on Amazon Kindle as well.

Visit me on Triond:
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Please buy this comic on Kindle once it is released. Look for Erin Miller on Smashwords and Kindle.
This is only a preview. Please buy the Kindle version. Coming soon...
This is a preview to a kindle comic.
This web comic is only a preview. Please buy the Kindle Edition. I will post the link to the Kindle edition once it is released.
Come up with a line of your own. Or pretty please get a portrait from me or something maybe... Okay just enjoy the comic and leave a comment or two please...
About time Samie got some action in lol. And yes, all of this actually happened back in 06...
No I never whored myself out so don't even think it! I dressed like this yes and gave a man a hug but yeah... Enjoy the damn comic.
Don't even think it! Anyway, stay tuned for the next pages coming soon. I am also thinking of redoing this page since I kind of rushed it and really don't like the way it came out. And yes, we all have our demons...
More insanity, yay! Okay not really, and I'm not exactly proud of doing this either, but it is part of the comic... So enjoy...
Cosplaying is fun, but better left for Halloween or anime conventions.
Insanity strikes again! :) Zack would be so proud. LOL Just kidding. Zack hates smokers!
It's always good to have a friend or two...
We all have had our share of crazy exs. Or so I believe...
Everyone is entitled to a dose of stupidity in their actions... lol
Ah lovely arguments lol.
@Lady Sun: I hold that same wish lol.
You get an idea now why I don't trust doctors... A bit of personal information but it is part of my comic series. And it is an autobiography. Besides, what do I have to hide?
@kurairabbit: lol thats funny. But I'm glad I'm not alone. :p :)
Well technically not random... A bit serious here but more pages to come soon...
Ah lovey love. Blaarg! Ah well, love is always good. Never said I was smart about it though...