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I like cartoons. I love drawing. I know how to play the violin. I think web comics are awesome. I live in LALA land half the time. I am totally random.
I misspell everything
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I'm starting to think it's all going to be Jock's fault in the end (finally noticed the pattern :o)
I wanna know what Sanders' rock looks like pretty please show it >u< <3333
Oh jock it's always your fault
I know you already read this several times but damn that is a very pretty background
@Qwchestr: I'm doing great and I love your brain for making up such an amazingly awesome story <333333
Jock kicking the bead door like a Boss and then getting smacked in the face by it, such an Epic Fail Oh but I love him for that <333:3
ooo such a shiny crystal ball (I assume it's a crystal), I wonder what will happen next!
"My dear workers and Jock" that made me think that Jock was like some sort of special pet/mascot for some odd reason
on another note yay! page please update as soon as you can I'm curious as to what is going to happen next :D
I can't wait for the next page
Aww Payton looks so cute!
I missed reading this comic that I started to re-read all of the pages again and finished today
I hated that I had school and couldn't even login to smackjeevies but enough about that
I bet Mr. Boss is going to tell Jock to let Sanders stay at his house or else he gets fired
XD that would be so funny
Why Muching hobo why? ;A;
I love your new icon loverofpiggies Wallis looks amazing
Aww <3 Jock finally reveals that he thinks of Sanders as a friend even though he says "horrible person"
Aww thanks for your reply it's amazes me that you can answer all the comments
Really you deserve a prize or something awesome but I can't give you anything but thanks so "thank you" :D
Aww Sanders you do care <3
Jock proably going to be angry in the next page isn't he
Eat them, yes eat the creepy dolls and then spit them out at Wallis so that he could be infected Mwhahaha
Aww Assistant looks so cute when she blushes
Wait a minute did the hobo just say "new girl"? As in Wallis had an "old girl" does that mean his old crazy assistant?
I love the third panel made me LOL
Thank you for updating!
I hope you do the last pages soon ^v^
Love the new site good job
Also I have to agree with what Inxerene was saying, you should make the site better by adding things when ever you can, I bet other fans would love it

Is that red head the candy munching hobo playing with those creepy dolls?
He looks like a rabid dog in the last three panels
Kyaaa it's the return of donkey face how cute <333333
Le gasp! a candy was left behid
yay more of Harold should be next
Aw poor guard he's all beat up
Oh good o'l Wallis making me laugh at how he treats everyone else
Oh Wallis is so awsome
I love the way he looks in this page
Yay for Rainbow lolipops
Let the pain, sweat, and tears begin! >:D
yay updates next week thank you! XD
Yay page
Happy Thanksgiving to you too
Is that random guard in the 1st panel?
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