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I have a Steam account. If you want to see it, go ahead and feel free to PM me.

How to make a successful comic

1.Make a clever title and call it a Yaoi

2.Make a decent story and call it a yaoi.

3.Soon you shall have hundreds of fans in less than a year.

How to trick people into thinking your comic never updated when it actually did

1. Go to the time thingy where you can post the time it was posted

2.Change it to back before the comic existed.



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you're not going to finish this. this has a lot of strips, though planet zebeth isn't complete trash.
I know right. Fucking MLG pro spriting up in this bitch.
Fun fact: I made that banner.
His name : Zoosmell Pooplord.
Murphy's law is extremely generic. It stopped being funny years ago.
Now Luigi, Peach, and E.Gadd must go through acne and puberty. But for Peach that's a period.

Also Pikachu, don't stretch the sprites. resize 200x200.
I see you don't put in many backgrounds anymore... :(
Buy Skyrim, get more friends,
I lol'd.

Also I wish I could play MC with'd be damn fun.
I want that goddamn TARDIS. I'd be chilling on Chelsea 426. Wait damn, Chelsea 426 sucks.
If only I could be playing on that server...