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Day job is software engineer. Comics are my hobby.

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Hey guys, I won't be updating this weekend since my wife and I are celebrating 6 months of marriage. So I'm here a little early with a page.

@Wisknort: Don't know who your friend is so I can't be sure I'm not him!

@Teron: Hopefully it holds out! Recently I've had a bad habit of drifting out of schedules real quick.
@Wisknort, Pierre, (and everybody): Sorry for the further delay, guys...still trying to get my house in order, literally. Seems like the only way to free up any drawing time is by skipping sleep.
No "Behind the scenes" this time since I can't think of anything to write. Fell a little behind in my schedule and didn't update last week, but I'm planning to have make-up page up either tomorrow or Wednesday.

@Wisknort: I'm not planniing to bring Phoebe back at the present time, unfortunately. As you can see I'm having enough trouble keeping a regular schedule for a single comic! If I find more time in the future I do want to revisit it, though.

@Teron: Hey man, good to see you again.
End of chapter 31. I bet you're all thinking "Finally!"

Yeah, I am too.
Hey all, I'm back from an extremely long hiatus and hoping to restart regular updates (probably 1-2 a week). I've got more information in the news post, but I really owe those of you who PM'd me asking whether I'd quit or not, and expressing their desire to see more of Gaia. Without you I might never have been able to get back to it. Love you guys.

Those robots were pretty sizable though
testing lotsa comments
another comment
Ha ha ha, those eyes in the last panel! I just can't get enough. But I can't help but point out in panel 7, it's "surprise"
Oops. he jinxed it. By the way, for those of you who caught the mistake in the last few pages where Sal's eye color was light blue instead of's been fixed. Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have the day off, so I'll try to get another page up...

@ Amante: Yeah, that's been in the works for soooo long. I always planned to have a dwarf in the group but never got to reveal him until now.
Hoo boy. I'm behind schedule again (WAY behind). For explanation/excuse see news. Next update will HOPEFULLY be tomorrow...but might not be till Thursday. Either way, there won't be one on Friday this week.
Missed my Tuesday update so Friday is gonna fill in this time. Next update should be Monday.

@ Amante: Thanks! I figured it was time for a change, especially since the old one has been sitting there during the entire hiatus.
Nice soft coloring.
Well, I'm kind of on time with the update. That is, I got it in before going to sleep "Monday". It really seems like my style has changed in the months I've been away. Better or worse, you think?

By the way, I finally have a donator subscription. Hooray me. More incentive to update regularly :P

@ Bubblioes: I'm glad I'm back too :) I like to think my drawing skills have matured over the last couple months...kinda. It's great that it looks good to you :P

@ Amante: It feels so good to be updating again.

@ Kizeira: Careful, now, I can't have my fanbase dying on me... :o
Whaaaaaaaat!? I uploaded a page? What is going on, you might ask? Between moving, starting a new job and picking up a non-drawing side project, my time has been completely taken up recently. And by recently I mean the last 5 months.

But hopefully I can get back on schedule. Wish me luck!
Oh, man...has it really been 23 days since I last updated? I'm graduating in a week and a half, so I'll claim that as my excuse. Look for things to pick up after then!

@ Teron: Thanks! I thought I'd shake some stuff up since we got a little stuck.
Two updates in one week? Surely you jest.

By the way, if, by chance, you've never checked out the SmackJeeves forums, I'd highly encourage you to do so. They're an excellent source of information and advice. Why do I mention this now? Because I'm now a moderator. Ha ha!

@ Profanity00: Yeah, I'm planning to, soon. It's been far too long :D