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Hi! My name is Tricia and I like drawing and writing novels and graphic making and web design.
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I know it's from Spongebob I know it is!! :D
LOLLLL coral.
@Zaazu: *COUGH*calliesafirstyearhaveyouforgottenme:'(((((*COUGH*
lol naw I'm kidding.
Well. Seems like a lot of characters here are pranksters ^^ They could all be friends and share muffins and prank people, ne?
Awww she's cute. :D
Oh and Callie wants ta be her friend.
Yay! A new character! :D
I think Callie would probably just annoy Adriana to death xD
You should read about crumpets. They're fascinating.

I don't really see the big deal about crumpets they're pretty much just PANCAKES
I have a questionnn :)
I've made some pages now, Callie's in the Hogwarts Express...should I post it now? But where? Because, you know, if I post it with the What the f--?! page, it'll, like be mixed up together. Do I make a new Chapter? Because I don't really know :)
Vous dessinez très bien!
She's so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 You draw so well <3
@Zaazumafoo: OMG I THINK SO!!!! But if she's hiding her wand don't you think it'll show a bit behind her? *raises eyebrows up and down*
We shall never know.
And well I made a big deal out of coloring and not coloring because I'm weird but okayyy. xD

OH and another thing, I reallllly don't know anything about you fellow co-author people so let uz all be FRIENDS AND SHARE TEA AND CRUMPETS *COUGH*shizukumaru*COUGH*...anyway I'm Tricia, what should I call you guys?

PS thanks for saying she's cute ^^
Mine is probably the only one not colored.
So here's my OC. The drawing is pretty rushed so it sucks bad and I'm too lazy to make a more...decent one.
PLUS, I didn't know all the other pages in the 'Students' parts were colored so :/ That explains why it's black and white.

This is Callie!!
Guess what she's hiding behind her back.

Bluebell flames. These special flames are bright blue in colour, do not have a prerequisite heat, and need neither fuel nor oxygen, causing them to become waterproof. Surfaces it comes in contact with are not affected, because they consist of only flame without fuel and therefore as with some nonmagical flames will only burn things held over them. Thus they can be carefully scooped up in the hand and carried around, or put in a jar.

That's what Callie's holding.

I changed the picture haha ^_^
I actually never thought of re doing it even though I sorta hated it, this new one started out as a doodle-slash-sketch (yes I draw my OCs all the time) on the back of my Home Economics test paper (I draw my OCs all the time AND anywhere. But don't worry I got an A on that test xD). I thought it looked much more decent that the one I drew before, so I traced it with my pen (during school haha) and scanned it when I got home.
So after I scanned it I was like "HEY SELF COLOR IT LIKE THE OTHER PEOPLE'S!"
And was like, "YEAH!"
So here it is! ^_^ A showcase of my amateur coloring skills. :)

Oh, and the stuff, since the old picture's stuff was on the picture itself (oh I changed some info btw):

Name: Calliope Westbrook

Nickname: Callie

Age: 11

Birthday: October 21

Gender: Female

SO: Straight

Muggle-Born/Pureblood/Half-Blood: Half-Blood

Hogwarts Year: 1st Year

House: Gryffindor

Wand: Ivy, 11 and 1/2 inches, dragon heartstring core

Pet: Snowy the snowy owl ^_^

Likes: loud noises, mushrooms, telling people what to do, people who do what she tells them to do, Quidditch, running around, laughing, the outdoors, rock music

Dislikes: the quiet, darkness, being alone, not doing anything, people who tell her what to do, girly things (but her mom forces her to wear frilly skirts and such and refuses to buy her the clothes she wants)

Personality: Callie's carefree, happy-go-lucky and extremely optimistic. Stubborn at times, she doesn't let anyone boss her around. She's not used to getting what she wants, but that doesn't stop her from fighting for it. She's competitive, and easily angered (she can be really violent), but forgets the wrongs people do to her in a short time. She's a bit mischievous and likes playing pranks, but of course she believes that pranks are only pranks if both the person pranked and the person who pranks find it funny. She's also daring, and isn't afraid to try new things. You could say she's 'fearless'. Well, unless she's somewhere dark.

Bio: Callie doesn't really tell anyone, but her mom is a famous Muggle movie star. Her mom loves ‘spoiling’ Callie and giving her what she thinks Callie wants. Callie’s dad was a wizard, and died when Callie was 3 years old. When she was 7, Callie discovered her dad’s hidden library while exploring the mansion. The library was filled with books about magic, and she loved reading them. She told her Aunt (her dad's sister) about the library, and that was how Callie found out she was a witch.

Classes taking: Potions, Transfiguration, DADA, Charms, Flying, Herbology.

Best class: Charms

Worst class: Herbology

Patronus: Tiger Cub

And no she doesn't have black legs, she's wearing tights. :)
I love you Rai.
Part of the uniforms? Or maybe it's just me looking wrong.
Riceball Tohru <333
YES REI! FORGET ABOUT MIYU! Ruri is right in front of you.