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Arnold Friend brings his own special spin to webcomics! Currently getting back into the scene after a couple years, just workin' side projects.

Oh, and I have a cat.

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Piss Mario
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Comment on Many Happy Returns of Piss Mario
friend, 26 Dec 2007 11:51 am
Gahhh... I forgot all about Boxing Day. Not a big holiday in the US.

But glad to be back again!
Comment on The Castle of Reinventing Porridge
friend, 31 Aug 2007 07:45 am
Castle attack!!!
Comment on Clouds Are Happy of Reinventing Porridge
friend, 29 Aug 2007 08:08 am
Love the colored pencil look!
Comment on Cloud Nine of Piss Mario
friend, 20 Aug 2007 05:30 pm
All will be revealed... check back tomorrow!
Comment on Kitin'! of Piss Mario
friend, 13 Aug 2007 08:22 am
You think so? I'll have to examine where I'm going with this. Maybe...

Thanks for reading!
Comment on King Friday the 13th... of Piss Mario
friend, 16 Jul 2007 10:32 pm
It isn't, but Mario insists on calling her nothing else. It's just simpler for Luigi this way...
Comment on Just for the smell of it of Piss Mario
friend, 28 Jun 2007 08:56 am
Ugh... the smell of dirty pennies is bad enough. I can't imagine someone over the age of 4 choosing to put them in their mouth... :P
Comment on Tricky! of Piss Mario
friend, 09 Jun 2007 03:03 pm
Pretty easily... spread a thin layer of glue over the desk top (a paintbrush works dandy), and then sprinkle granulated sugar over the wet glue.
Comment on Ultra vivid. Seen. of Piss Mario
friend, 09 May 2007 09:09 pm
Do tell!

(pulls up chair)
Comment on The Hot Chick of Piss Mario
friend, 09 May 2007 09:08 pm
Thanks! It's been fun.

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