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This was sooo great! Thank you for actually finishing this!!! It was great!!!! <3 <3 <3
September 5th, 2012
This was amazing, im sad it was so short tho. But still truly amazing.
Oh my god. This is just amazing.
I love this! Great job!!
Heck yes!!!
I LOVE this :D
Oh no! I have wanted a *intimant* moment to happen but this isnt exactly what I had in mind. But I still love it!! Yay for mature!
Yay :)
Omg, I cant wait to see what happens. That has to suck.
Nooo! Sad day. Loved this :)
Gahh my small fragile midn cant take the sudden increase in consistint updates!!! Love this comic :)
Aw :'( soo sad.
>.< Go on????
Cute :)