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Dr. Fist Punch
I have a PhD in being a badass.
Comments are back. that is all.
Fuck the police.
If you didn't laugh at it why did you send it in? Also your other one is no better.
This is by far the worst comic I have ever seen.
It does make sense, you are just dumb.
I bet we wont like the question.
Nah that's stupid.
It's only one word what am I supposed to call it?
I'm serious about the email thing.
@Floo Phantom,
I'm not funny... I'M HILARIOUS.
Pretty? more like: PRETTY UGLY! amirite?
Rise and shine Mr. Freeman, rise and shine.
Update once a week, once a day is too many.
I don't know who you are Ghost, but i know i already hate you.
How bout you shut your whore mouth.
Those duke boys are at it again.
Too many panels, speech bubbles are too big and you use a really boring font.
I approve this comic.