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i love nozmo
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@Guest: why do you feel the need to be SO rude
@nozmo: i never noticed that jajaja
she looks like one of the maids at the allison's house in the first side story :0
I care and I knew in my heart that you would come back, love the new art style btw
I'm just realizing that cyril doesn't like going to a doctor's or a hospital, when Landon talked about him we could see him patching his own wounds
Ain't nothin' but a heartache
@kermitty: thats so cute
todd stop copying everyone's phrases
Todd went from "Petunia how can you eat this, it could be poisoned" to eating cake i love it
i love every single one of the panels
i love how hannah's horror expression is because of a completly different reason than todd and petunia
I love how sweet Todd is with Petunia