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I like cheese. ~nods~ I like anime, manga, and almost every kind of music. I’m told I have a very animated personally due to such things. Go figure. Anyways, I adore art. Any kind of art. Realism, anime, abstract, graphic, just art. I draw anime though.
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    Shisame 'Bunny' Masaki
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I'm a Title!!
...Everytime I look at this page...immediately I giggle and think 'Boobs.' because originally, in the lineart, I actually drew an arrow making it Tsukito's point of vision. No, he's not really looking there. Tsukito's actually the only possible guy who stares at her face while talking to her.
Lol, SHINK! Smackjeeves is back to being it's awesome self. ~applaides~ Go Admins! Remember to thank them, people. They probably had to put up with millions of us asking waht was going on when they were doing their job and actually making the site more awesome for us.

Double post this week to make up for last week's...absence. It's okay though. Matsumoto makes it do speedlines.
Really? I thought he looked kinda borted with life. ^.^
More color...
No highlighting...I know. I'm such a lazy hack. -_-
Anyways, say hello to Tsukito, or Tsuki, Tsukasa's twin brother...and by far the more clam, and smart of the two.
New orders from the great demon master too! Oooooooooooo!
That the certainly do. ^.^;
Go Hollow. You howl good.

Tsukasa trying to look innocent is by far the most disturbing thing I've ever had to draw. It's just not right.
Rukia looks like she's got some emo bangs goin' on. ^.^;
Awww, I think the little blonde is just too adorable! I want to say she but I read the profile and know otherwise!!! XD Just so cute!!
Thanks. Looking at it now, I realise how WRONG Zabimaru really is...Whoops.
I'm loving Tsukasa more and more. She's just such a snarky little bitch. She's high on herself too.
And Yelling is ALWAYS the solution.
Wow! This is gorgeous! I gotta watch this to see more.
Consider yourself stalked!!
Holidays, yay!
Halooween is actually my fave holiday. I'll admit it. I like it better then Christmas, I do.

Anyways, it's easy to guess Uu-chama's costume. Priest. Lol. Now, Ichigo, on the other hand is supposed to be a Kitsune spirit. Why, you may ask...simply because I wanted to draw a kitsune mask. If you get a chance, look 'em up on google. They're so gorgeous, especially the older traditional ones. Also, I tried to make the left side of the mask resemble his Hollow mask. ~nods~
Why thank you, Rin-chan. It's a great complete comming from a fellow artist...who...kicks my ass artwise. (I looked).
Really? I think it seems easy enough...they said they were going to meet up with the blue haired girl...and I guess they're teleporting to do so. ^.^
That's because Rukia always has interesting thoughts. Wait until the simultaneous Rukia/Amon thoughts come along.
Hitsugaya Rocks.
OMG, I love drawing him. No matter how bad I'm assuming it is, after I tace him, he looks good to me.

Check out Tsukasa. Queen of the Bitches. She's such a snarky whore...Why can't she be like Tsukino?
Hee hee. She's a very pretty enemy...deceptively pretty and a total bitch-cake.
Update, yay!!!
Ooooooooo, things are starting up!!! I really like this page. I had so much trouble drawing Hitsugaya's face, but I like the finished result. It's a pretty decent shot at him.
HAHA!!! XD He wants ANOTHER kind of meat. ^>~
Happy Thanksgiving
LEt me begin with saying I adore Renji. I'm not trying to make him seem dumb or anything. IT's just supposed to be Silly. Renji's actually one of my top fave characters. He's a-freakin-dorable.
With that said, I realize there are so many things wrong with this picture....but hey, I'm helping make Thanksgiving dinner while trying to update, do homework and what-not. Cut me some slack.
No, that is NOT a typo up there. He's supposed to be in a stammer-ish gibberish state. I mean, if YOU saw someone trying to cut a turkey with a giant sword, I'd stammer too.
Ha ha ha! I want Ryler's shirt. Baby eating makes the world go 'round. Hewe hee. You know, the siblings don't really look like siblings. They're so awesome!