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I am a girl who enjoys art and plans to become a cartoonist or comic artist or whatever.
I love reading manga and comics, playing video games [especially Pokemon], and buying plush animal things.
I dislike the romance genre, and I love mystery and adventure genres.
Ooh, is that a new set of E4 trainers I spy? :D
My best friend named her Pansear the exact same thing. xD
Poor Myna and Hippo. :c
Page may not be up tomorrow due to a loss of muse. Long story short, I lost a WONDERFUL picture of Riolu I had worked hard on and the last person who messed with my computer lied to my face about not even seeing it when I stared straight at them looking at it. >>
So, finally we get to see a bit of Zorua. Here he is~ ^^
Ta-da~! The cover to Chapter 1. Here we see one of our two protagonists. We'll see Zorua on the first page, by the way. ^^ I hope you enjoy reading this!