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hello, i am Shiny and i like to make comics
@LordGimsbury: haha you can call me a guy, I don't care

Cheers, my dude :)
i'm glad stacha hit him in the back of the head and not the face because that means i dont have to remember to draw the bandage as much :YYYY
@I'm here for the comics.: except for every pokemon that looks like a fox is labled "fox" in the pokedex, therefore foxes do exist :Y
I think Veda is just pleased as punch to find out that the voice picked such an astute and savvy individual such as Avis.
@GhostlyKittyCat: a carnivorous mammal of the dog family with a pointed muzzle and bushy tail.
i'm really proud of the little flowers on that shrub there. they're so cute ;0;
oh man, i hope the reading order for this page is clear enough.

pro-tip, dont rush the planning stages, kids, it really shows when you wing it :YYYY
@Bwsrfn11: @Guest: metadata only applies to game mechanics and doesn't bear any relevance here.

yes, in the games, a gengar would one-shot a zorua pretty handily in most cases, but this is a comic, where sometimes facts(and meta) are ignored for the sake of presentation.
@Anonymous: you're absolutely right
gotta know when you're beat, amirite?

anyway, hey look, it's LATE but its done so here, take it
@Pokefire: i never forget story points
@Prussia: i dont sensor blood, so no, its not blood
@SeƱor: I dont like the Gorillaz, so nope, its just a name that i thought suited him.
@Fabhar: wow, i must have really been out of it, haha

fixed it
@Someone: i honestly forgot that one was there, lmao

but no, thats not the same one
since apparently i'm really bad at drawing pokemon attacks, im just going to tell you what they are here in order of use

focus blast
dark pulse
dazzling gleam

and before anyone suggests writing them in little blurbs on the comic panels, i dont do that because i think it looks tacky and breaks the suspension of disbelief :U
@Guest_3: I disagree on the bit about their introduction - i would have done it the same way even if they both stepped out of the bushes as two very obviously different pokemon, like say, a drifloon and a glameow.

but yeah, no, her name is still a mystery :)
@Bwsrfn11: they were too scared