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hello, i am Shiny and i like to make comics
@Some Random Umbreon: amen, brother
@MoonLight152535: the answer is either "yes" or "no". :^)
replacing that scarf is priority, it's all crusty with rodney's gross blood at this point
okay, i know it's been a Long Time, but please keep "youre back", "finally" and similar comments to a minimum.(i mean it. i'll delete u :U) i like discussion to like.. be relevant and on topic. That said, thank you for sticking around. updates might be rocky for a while since i haven't fully recovered from what primarily started the hiatus in the first place, but i'm gonna give it a good old college try to stay on schedule for the future.

also, just a heads up, i've hardly drawn pokemon(or much of anything else) for half of a year, so any wonk or inconsistency i shall blame squarely on being out of practice and also apathy
@Guest: theres more than one wigglytuff in the world, lol
Since not everyone reads the news updates, i'll just put this here for now -

just to let everyone know what's going on, please chill. my comic is not dead, i still want to make it. however, as im sure most of you can understand, real life comes first. many things have popped up over the course of the last month, and combined with my general feeling of extreme burnout, it's made for a very quiet last couple of months. for this i apologize.

that said, i'd appreciate if people stopped harrassing me for new pages. its fine to leave comments, DM me, stuff like that, but ive had some of you go out of your way to find me elsewhere and on my private social media. which is not okay with me. please stop, its creepy.

i wont make any promises for when the next page is coming. just know that it's coming. i hope you'll stick around. :)
@Guest: all I can really do about that at this point is advise you to get Adblock Plus and blacklist my comics ads. They aren't mine, they actually come from my host site(smackjeeves) which I can get rid of by paying a yearly sum for premium, but since I can't afford that currently, Adblock plus would be your best bet.
Sorry about that.
@Black Spiderman: I usually draw them during the week, between Saturdays.
my SON
@Shadow_Strikr: levels irrelevant, game metadata doesnt apply to comics
@Shadow_Strikr: @johnwolf: PMD game mechanics dont matter in the context of this comic, since they are there to make a game interesting and not tell a story.
@TrueBolt18: I appreciate it, but I don't have the drive to format it for webtoon, pfft
@Nao: he does talk a lot :D

haha thanks
@Nashew: there is no understanding. only chaos
( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖) when you manage to pull off the cheeky double-protect flawlessly
@PhantomCatIsRad: i dont know what you mean by that
@Andrea Lamani : I have carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a repetitive strain injury
@Eevee: you'd be surprised