hello, i am Shiny and i like to make comics
@SeƱor: I dont like the Gorillaz, so nope, its just a name that i thought suited him.
@Fabhar: wow, i must have really been out of it, haha

fixed it
@Someone: i honestly forgot that one was there, lmao

but no, thats not the same one
since apparently i'm really bad at drawing pokemon attacks, im just going to tell you what they are here in order of use

focus blast
dark pulse
dazzling gleam

and before anyone suggests writing them in little blurbs on the comic panels, i dont do that because i think it looks tacky and breaks the suspension of disbelief :U
@Guest_3: I disagree on the bit about their introduction - i would have done it the same way even if they both stepped out of the bushes as two very obviously different pokemon, like say, a drifloon and a glameow.

but yeah, no, her name is still a mystery :)
@Bwsrfn11: they were too scared
i was kinda disappointed that so many of you guys had her figured out from the word "go." i thought i was being sneaky :Y

too bad now she's 500% less intimidating and much more like a yapping chihuahua. rip
@NaoFaria: by "relevant" i mean pertaining to this comic and not using the comments section to talk about, for example, current events and other stuff that social media is for.
Shorter page this time. I needed the extra time to try to get a buffer going, hope y'all dont mind too much
Reminder to everyone to please keep your comments relevant and civil.

also! we passed the 150$ Patreon goal!
ive set the button up to allow patrons early access, but for now, i dont have them prepared enough in advance to allow for the 7 days early viewing, but i expect i'll have that on the up-and-up in the coming weeks.
thank you, everyone, for your support~
@Guest: once, for like, 3 seconds
@Russhu: no offense taken, i'm just saying :u
@Russhu: it's not the game, you could stab someone with a sharp enough stick, and sometimes facts are ignored for the sake of presentation. Also levels and Metadata don't exist outside of game mechanics, and make no sense in the context of realism.

Your rank on a video game doesn't dictate whether an argument stands or fails.
it was almost gonna post a week late, but I DID IT
@Bwsrfn11: he didn't use aqua tail,he just moved his legs.
I don't think it's that much of a stretch for him to be able to do it, since you can access your bag and throw things while stunned.
Im saying a thing here so that the comment section doesnt look stupid, but actually i dont have anything to say :u
might not be an update next week cause i got stuff going on, so i'll probably be too busy. oop
hey, did you guys notice how that stick she's holding doesnt look remotely the same in any of the panels i've drawn it in, because i sure did
had some major writer's block plus art block plus pretty busy anyways all last week, so page'll be late. dunno when it'll be done, we'll have to wait and see