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hello, i am Shiny and i like to make comics
@Andrea Lamani : I have carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a repetitive strain injury
There will be no update this week(November 25 2017)due to me needing a Hand Break.

i've been pushing my luck lately and ended up re-injuring myself, so yeah, good job, me.
The next page will post on Saturday, November 2
@Eevee: you'd be surprised
@Bwsrfn11: I don't know jack :y
@Bwsrfn11: @Avenxe: it disappears because it's not a mole, it's a dimple :y
@Nashew: okay but if they aren't doing it right even a little then i would wager that it isn't a dab :y
(me either honestly, lmao)
@Nashew: they also usually involve Two(2) arms most of the time
@DaBrokor: i am not convinced either of you have seen a Real Dab if you think thats what it looks like she's doing :y
@that annoying dude: not a typo, that was on purpose
francis has a good attitude and i like him ok.
also, his building got a huge makeover from the beginning of the comic, it was really ugly back then lololol
@Bwsrfn11: oh, fair enough, brown is for squares anyway
@A non mouse: very, very carefully :)
@Bwsrfn11: the base isnt anywhere within view on this page so i dunno where u get that idea lol
@Nashew: every day we get further and further from God's light
@Cooltiger: because I knew exactly the reaction it would get and also I wanted to and it's free :)
i take it back, she's having the best day ever
@Rana: you're wrong, he's obviously a smeargle ;)