super unprofessional with my comment sections, lel
excuse me, that was rude

i accidentally posted the next page early so if you saw it before i managed to get the right date scheduled, WHOOOPS pretend you didnt
i think its absolutely beautiful that ive got some of you going "THOSE AXEWS LOOK WEIRD" when they actually stay more true to axew's actual design than Avis does :p

the brainwashing is working
@Kitty: she did lose most of her memory.
tfw your friend airs your business to every random stranger that you meet

i'll implement the patreon button eventually
@Cessless: i've made many attempts at comics over the years, but none of them got that far, lol.
ive learned from my past mistakes, hopefully.
@kindagrammarnazi: you're right, I missed that one, lol.
@Mycel: could I get you to elaborate a little on what you mean by "not as smooth"? I need all the help I can get, lmao
@Alienoid: really? Dang, I thought it was readable. I'll make it a little bigger on the next page, thanks
@Guest: check back on thursday ;)
wow its been way too long.
i dunno if this is the re-start of regular weekly updates, as i was working on this, i got some.. potentially bad news, but we'll see how that plays out.

if anything looks or reads weird, its because im a bit rusty. i lost a lot of my comic stuff when my hard drive failed, so i've had to remake my fonts, try to replicate my old settings, etc.

thanks for sticking around. :)
Hi, comic isn't dead, I'm just really busy lately with real life and things that matter to me more than this does, sorry for being quiet and not updating, the winter months are a grind on my emotional stability, ahaha
@Lutari: the Gengar here is a normal Gengar
He just looks different cause of the effects