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October 10th, 2017
Actually, if its hot out and it's a shorter dress, like knee length, then it would be great zombie gear because it won't restrict body movement like pants might, especially things like tight jeans. I'd just be worried about it getting caught on something, at most.
Tackle him before the gun is out, break his hand, take back Dragonthing. He wants to play mean? Play mean.
Might just be me but your site appears to be broken... lots of photobucket yelling at us.
@Ari: I think Ky addressed that point pretty fairly here though, he (which I'm going to use since Ky is in boymode at this point) says that everyone would be comfortable with him, if he were in boymode that night but still wearing a dress, but Ky wouldn't himself be comfortable and that doesn't seem to occur to Drew. Ky may have passing privilege and might not get harassed, but those feelings of dysphoria don't magically go away whenever. Ky seems like he feels a lot of dysphoria, which is made worse by the lack of understanding about how it moves and shifts and changes. I think that's something particular to people like Ky- it's hard for people to understand that genderfluid people can still feel dysphoria and cognitive dissonance, even if it's not consistent, and even if their gender presentation changes. I don't think Ky wants Drew to come out for him, but I think Ky just wants Drew to understand that his being genderfluid is just as real and uncontrollable, and so are the feelings that go along with it, even if it seems like it's a choice.
Oh my god the pupface in the last panel just killed me. It's freaking great.
Idiots like this exist unfortunately. Any woman who was ever single on social media has probably gone through this. They hit you up and you say no, then they call you ugly. It's their pathetic bruised egos trying to comfort them.
@ALittleSurprise: Rudy isn't old enough to go and Ky doesn't go to their school.
I think that Todd just wanted to impose his presence on someone. I know a lot of people who do things just to get a reaction or re-affirm their existence by intimidating or attempting to validate themselves. For Todd, this was a win-win from his initial perspective:

1. If she said yes, he had a pretty girl, a girl who has said no to almost everyone else say yes to him. His fragile masculinity gets a boost and he gets bragging rights.

2. If she said no, like she did, he gets to feel like a big man by intimidating someone he sees as an easy target, who he thinks will submit to him, again, boosting his fragile masculinity as he validates himself by scaring her, verbally and possibly physically abusing her date (and thereby attacking her dates masculinity to make himself feel better) and writing off the rejection as her being a "stupid bitch".

He never wanted to really go out with Ana, what people like him want is validation, whether they get that from other people stroking their egos for them, or from feeling like they "won" a confrontation and asserting to themselves that they are in someway better than someone else (even if they're not). It's about his ego and asserting dominance over a situation and other people.
I literally squealed and my fiance was wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

I've been reading for ages, but I don't comment very often. Louis' story is one that I keep coming back to week after week after week. I feel like this chapter is just going to cement how much I relate to Louis.

Growing up, my father was an alcoholic. This escalated when I was 15 when I was left to care for him when my step-mother left him and took my younger brothers with her. They were very hard days, and this page already makes me feel like I'm going to be seeing a lot of what I went through, mirrored in Louis' experience. I love how genuinely and realistically this is being handled. The layout and the way you designed this page was phenomenal, and as someone who's been through this before, I think you've done a fantastic job already portraying what it's like to experience alcoholism in a parent.
Oh my god my heart <3 I love these two so much. LET IT HAPPEN PLEASE IT'S OKAY TO FEEL YOUR FEELINGS DON'T HIDE FROM THEM <3
Emily's a total boss at this! I love Maria but I don't think she would have had the tact that Emily's showing, and Gavin wouldn't have the forcefulness or support. I've always been kinda iffy on Emily, (I guess, like Maria, I have a hard time forgiving and accepting that people change), but Emily just jumped to the top of my favourites list. I love how she's being tactful and at the same time not taking their (Kellen's) shit.
There is nothing he loves better than hating things :P

@Timeangel18: PSSSTT wanna email me the other pages or something? >3>
Can someone explain to me what happened? I'm super confused o3o

Where'd the other pages go?
I'm of the mindset that if she wants to keep the baby, alright. If she wants an abortion, alright. No matter what, it's her choice. There are so many factors that come into it, and as long as she does whats best for her, and what she wants to do without pressure from others trying to make the choice for her, that's what matters.

I wonder if she'll raise it or adopt out, seeing as she's already said she's keeping it. (does keeping it mean raising or just going through the pregnancy?)
Have you/will you ever publish Metro-Jack?
The January girl is so cute!!!

I can see why Rain got all blushy! <3