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Ciel Gris
rawr >:3

Did you know that cat?

-I am working on a webcomic but it not be released for maybe longtime. Please have patience!-

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    Giorgio Di Valle
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their sextree :derp:
you have one of best boyfriend ever. lucky person.
Cherish balls :o
<3 ^ <3

this is wonderousful
nah, I like it. it feels more comedyish XD
Because can protection very nice air water not get in. :D
Remind me of
My silcoon vs Geodude harden battle...


I thought it never go end..
virgin <3
haha you have strangest professors
evil sausage is evil XD
it differ depend the story. in orignal games of pokemon is not case.
I thoght it was tank the one on page 14
It still doesn't work for me ; ^ ;
-What do you call a penguin in the desert?

Fear my unfunniness
Oh dear god..
My math teacher just about strangled me today for being left-handed >>'