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I draw >.<
I'm in love with pocky ;-; <3
I'm a sucker for those chessy love stories/mangas "^^
nevershoutnever is amazing <3
music is my life!
I can play part piano [one song -__-']
and I play the ukulele :D
I'm not a pro at drawing, don't judge me.

yep, story of my life(:
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of course! fanart is always appreciated.
miharu- japenese meaning 'clear blue skies' <3
i didn't draw the sunflowers;; got them off google -_-'
springbreak time! well for me atleast...
because all of my friends went on vacation, i have decided to draw some~ chapter 1 starts soon(;
I didn't take time to make backgrounds, sorry -_-'

This is Maci and Hiro!
Hiro's original name was Jun, but many comics use Jun, so I decided to change it to Hiro.
behold;; the cover of paper planes.
I can't draw paper planes >.<
I love the way you draw eyes (: