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Hey it's me^^

I'm mostly on Deviantart known as Moemai, but I wanted to try out posting my comics here^^
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whaaaaat what did he saaaw ;///; wanna see!
I'm so so so so SO waiting for the following page X3 I'm glas I found your comic!!
January 16th, 2012
I found you thanks to mushroomtale ;__; I'm so glad, your watercolouring is incredible!!
December 5th, 2011
nan ze veux paaaaaaaaaaaaas ;___;
November 24th, 2011
il faut bien des pages entre les pages ou il se passe des trucs!! Keep up !!
October 20th, 2011
RIGHT je suis archi fan maintenant *__* tu as créé une addict, c'est malin!!! J'adore ta colo et la mise en page, encoooore!!
September 26th, 2011
I'm realy fond of his gentle sweet face *__* and your lines are so pretty, I know I've already said that XD
September 26th, 2011
han SHIT j'avais loupé 10 pages quoi O___O du coup la lecture coule très bien, je dirais qu'il manque un chouille de décors simple sur la fin (haha regardez qui se moque de la charité v v) mais vraiment, ca donne envie, et je les aime de plus en plus tous les deux!
August 28th, 2011
bon, d'accord, on voit sur certaines cases que tu as eu du mal et que ca n'est peut etre pas tout à fait ce que tu voulais, mais l'ambiance y est, et les plans aussi, la lecture coule de source, que demande le peuple hein?? Ils sont trop chouettes tous les deux ♥ j'adore le duo je ne m'en lasse pas!!
I'm so so glad I found you back here, your story gets a nice start, all the light pages were dazling I'm so impatient now I want to know more ;///; ♥
Hi, excuse me to interrupt but, I think I recognise the style of your banner O O are you on DeviantArt by any chance?
je commence à vraiment être fan et m'attacher à tout ce petite monde!! C'est terrible ;__;
March 31st, 2011
;/////; ♥ je te deteste autant que je t'adore !! C'est trop chouette!!
panel 4: maybe something like "you make me think of myself
panel 6: the last sentence is more like "It seems my old wounds finally gets my life to an end (meaning they are killing him, at last)
you're a real SWEETHEART to translate the whole story ;___; ♥ i'll check but I think you got everything right!! I'll do the same for the other stories, thank you so much for your time!!
Thank you very much!! I wish I had time to translate it, my last comic will be in english^^ (and if you still want to try, there is google trad lol!)
Thank you very much^^ I posted all my comics in french but soon I will add my english comics too!
You understand better than many people, I think! ♥
Merci beaucoup!! Thanks a lot^^ (if you have troubles understanding, you can try google trad before I translate pages^^
@Botan: Ho really? X3

@Yuriko: Oui oui!^^