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child of darkness hate humans love beast good with tech makes friends easly great with revenge tactics >3
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    andre l. knight
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that sucks
you stuck or something dude..
looks like da plant from Little Shop of Horror >3
funny >3
poor dead bugga
dude team rocket ryhme stupid but yours is funny >3
what the f^&$ happened to groovile >l
you the chaosfox is back early..nice page... big bug sceam like wush >)3
more action oh yeah dont mind da vtar still working on another one >3
thats is
right now we can chat for three days after thursday i'm in ancient time get it let know what you say >3 please
don't sweat it you'll do better on the next ....i got a question for the next time i in a area with com tech wanna help me with comic i'm redoing...>3 in 5 months i'll seeing the other half of me family in the south regin their aaaahhh too old school if you get me drift let know i got three days in the tech area (3
nice job
i like detail but thats me one prob it makes me mad
you really like mystery dungon dont ya x3