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Good god way to give a heart attack Lucky
Oh shit, i just thought it was falling...I think we can all guess who that is, right?
Oh! The Executioner did leave at the correct time, but they didn't go to clean it up yet. Then this lady came out and saw the mess! At least, that's my theory of what happened.
@shreego: I was actually thinking of this too
Ah I knew it was her! The eyes looked familiar!
I look forward to reading the new story! : ) and i very much like the new style! (not saying th old style was bad ^^;; both are lovely!)
:DDD Yay all my old favorite comics are coming back!!!
:DDDDD I got so excited when i saw this had updated ( > v < )
DDD: poor old guys
Okay I have a very good feeling that by doing that, he is going to cut his foot wide open :D
:DDDD I was just thinking of this comic the other day!!!! Ahh you know I actually kind of like Nick better than Liam...but they're both cute so ; 7 ;
DDD: Nooooo Rasputin!!!!!
(btw I can't find the playlist :'D)
I say you do whatever you think will benefit you more~ If you think the little one-shot comics will help you more, then go for it!~
February 26th, 2012
Man I love this comic :D
Lol was the throwing pots bit a LOZ ref :D Or am I just stupid xD either way I love all your pages~~~
-sparkles everywhere-
lol poor frusterated xD
How could you?!?! D< Stupid Wendy, little....!@&!@%!&%&!@#&!*&@#%! :I none of that actually ment anything but it's how I'm feeling towards wendy atm :I
|D Lol Demi you cross-dresser~ or cross..shape-shifter...dresser...whut..

ANYWAYS, Demi is so cute xD She's always so energetic!~
stupid wendy =w=
BUT OMG WAIT! Is there someone with her on panel 4?!?!?! :O whowhowhowhowhowho isssss it?! and lol I squeed really loud when I saw there was an update :'D I'm just glad im home alone for no one to hear me |D