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I would assume in their situation right now it would just count as flirting and I would probably still take it as flirting if it was reversed. Plus I think it all matters on body language if something were to go down. In this situation both are being playful so I'd take it as harmless and okay
Damn, I kind of love Bill stand on wanting to stay there and protect his sister. I feel sort of connected to him right now since its the same thing I tried to do for my younger sister. I ended up not able to stick around though so I wonder what choice he is going to make.
is it Valerie has blue earrings?
Damn, poor Annie. I've been there and it really is a hard thing to do. Recently just got away from my abuser and I'm still in shock that it happened. I really hope one she can come back strong from whats happening.
shit, her face is priceless
I will never get over Danny's bangs.
Clearly Loto is the one asking the important questions
Wow that is really dorky of both of them. I accept it though. They are just too cute. Really loved this chapter and I'm glad it ended on a good note.
Shit i was not ready for that. I feel about as blushed as Daniel.
can't believe its over! really love this last page though
@Jaymzeecat: You're welcome! I think a print set would be pretty cool. Yeah, keychains are cool and simple depending on how you'd like to do them. I think for a shirt or a bag Jeremy doing anything cute would work great! Glad you liked my tips!
I can't believe its going to end soon! I haven't wrapped my mind around it yet but I'm so glad things are worked out between them.

So looking at the rewards for the kickstarter I really like the idea of stickers but personally I think round ones are a better idea?? That and I was wondering if maybe you should combo buttons and stickers for the startoff?? I really really like the idea of book sketchs and prints but I'm a little confused when you say the print will be off the book cover? Like just a larger size of it? Or are you thinking the prints will be about the same size as the book 7 x 10?? I think having prints around that size wouldn't be a bad idea personally but maybe have prints of different characters? Like offer Jan and Jeremy or Stefan and Sergio?? Maybe at different ages as well? Like Jan and Jeremy as teens. Maybe Jan with her family?? I don't know. Then you could probably do individual prints as well besides just putting characters together. I'm just throwing out ideas. Now when it comes to t-shirts and totes I think you could really just use some of your extras like that one where Jeremy has a bear hat and him and Jan are just in the snow. That or maybe the one with Jeremy in the captain America hoodie. I think the first page drawing of both Jan and Jer in different places is another idea you could use if you wanted. Personally I'd wear a shirt with Jer looking that cute in a Captain America hoodie. I think the original art is a really good idea as is seeing yourself in split screen. Oh! Also as one of the more basic offers to get people to donate have you thought of making keychains?? Like maybe just little chibis of the characters and stuff for them??? Could just be another thing you offer if you wanted to.

Hope you don't mind my suggestions and everything. I am really looking forward to the book! Can't wait.
Oh God it seems like it is ending so soon :o personally like holiday extras and just group shot kind of things? I like seeing them younger with her family and everything. Think extras on that would be great :) as for own a copy I'd love it if I have money for it~
Oh God. The feels
Such cuties
I had a fanning moment over this. He is just adorkable.
noooo, should have kissed her..
afsajfjs that's not even fair. These bros need a fag reunion right now.
Oh this child. I just wanna hug him he is such a baby.