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What category?
I went ahead and voted, but I was thinking it might be best to suggest a category (or two) for all of us to focus on. I put it under anything I thought fit.
It is real easy to misplace a tall guy till you get used to looking over the top of people. Used to lose mine all the time.
Now when he can't find little me standing right in front of him ...
I tug on his sleeve and ask who he is looking for, or raise my arm in his view.
"Smack my ass and call me lucky." Love the echoes.
Dear Cat, she is going to start misreading your silence if you don't say what you are thinking soon.

I have to admit I'm surprised that with his background (slave mother who died for love of his unloving mother) that love doesn't scare him or have bad connotations. Or maybe that is yet to come.
So does Cat get pale pink flowers? We shall see.
Cat, how do you know you are the problem? Try asking her and see what she says.

Deda, I like the obstacles you have located in these relationships. They flow very naturally from who each of them are and what their weaknesses are.
I've got a feeling the 'not kissed her kissed her' is part of Callista's problem. Stuck on the edge of 'wanting', ready to fall off, but waiting.

And we get to see into Cat's bedroom. It is as sparce as I had imagined it. Cat's making sure he has the money to control his life. Wonder how this will come into play in the future?
I'm excited to see into Cat's heart. Poor boy's got love bad.
Poor thing. She gets to think about him and just can't sleep at night.

Isn't Cat a night owl?
Love the echo of when she previously almost fell asleep on deck, right before he taught her to fly.
Somehow Pifo looks very devious, and TQ a little .. concerned(?maybe). I would be very careful of that cupcake if it were me.
WEE! Thank you, Deda!
I hope for a 'OOOH! moment, and not an 'Ouch!' moment (from a bee). I'll believe in their 'real' kiss when I see it. Deda has been too sneaky so far.

I say 'real' since Callista doesn't have a clear memory of the first one.
Ah, honey for her honey.
I figured his comments were because she was saying, "no" and he is trying to figure out if there is a reason why. She's got him frustrated, but instead of pressing the issue, he tries cold water.

Problem is when you are confused about what you want, you are confusing to others too.
Kane was right - he can catch apples. Does it seem to others that he ignored them till it seemed Pea might be hit?
Blow 'out' works better, Deda.
Love how these two are growing.
OK, reread the first pages. New theory - Kane doesn't know who did declare him subject to the black florin, so his first guess is his father, not Gilbert Sullivan and Castalia's father.