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Please go back a page to read the full update :)
go forth a page!
Lying to Daniel's mom is honestly probably the stupidest thing Louis has ever thought of.
stop giving me secondhand embarrassment from writing you
Actually, I'd describe them as more of a PERIWINKLE, if we wanna get specific, but whatever.

Also, because I draw things SO CLEARLY, Louis is not gazing fondly at his fingers in the last panel LMAO He pulled out the ring thing that Daniel made him (WHICH IS MADE OUT OF FOIL BUT AGAIN...i DRAW THINGS. *SO. CLEARLY.* --note my sarcasm LOL)
Sorry...just a cover page more or less LOL. BUT ALSO THE FIRST PAGE OF CHAPTER 18. Thought I'd upload this one today and save another page for Sunday haha.

Also, speaking of pages, updates will be going back to one page per week for now. I may upload more pages at some point, but I'm in a good spot right now with balancing the comic with work and want to make sure I don't speed through my buffer. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! :)
Pausing the make-out session to save the environment 👌
9-page update! Please go back to page >>Chapter 17 - 53<< to read the full update :)


Louis, narrating in Chapter 15, the day before this chapter: "We've been dating for 2 weeks now but we're not sappy or saying ILY omg that'd be ridiculous"

Louis, now, a whole day later: *SWEATS*

:P Another chapter done! I hope you enjoyed it. I really liked drawing and coloring this chapter--it was probably my favorite in that regard. It was a bit tricky to write. I had the main idea down and what I wanted to be accomplished this chapter, but then Louis kinda took the reigns and steered it in a bit of a different direction LOL I think it worked out for the best and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

I'm really looking forward to the next several chapters as they continue to navigate and explore their relationship, and maybe learn a few new things about themselves. So...onward to chapter 18!

As always, thank you for reading and for the comments that you leave. I really appreciate it and hope you'll continue to stick around!
@WingFreak: aw thank you! :)
go forth another page!
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4-page update!
go forth for more pages!
psst louis is a sap, pass it on

(this is a 4-page update! go back to page >>Chapter 17 - 49<< for the full update!)
@ava: That's what I wondered, but I got confused LOL I haven't heard the phrase used in that context before
@IronDog: I'm not sure what that means?
An early page!!!

Also wow Louis you probably coulda just...said that instead of going into ~*Detail*~.
@ZSoj: I...somehow have not listened to them before ??? But now I have and I love ???!! AHH
@Truefan108: REALLY badly!!!!!!!
Please go back to page >>Chapter 17 - 43<< to read the full update!

Anyway....let's get physical, physical.
@jennande: yeah, he didn't have a fun time last year :(