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The page next week will start picking up pace...this is a chapter where things come together gradually and will make sense at the end rather than on a page-by-page basis. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy! :)

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@Ledgerina: Your comment was fun to read LOL (and I agree with Anja about your profile icon haha).

I think this chapter will give conflicting feelings about John, but he's just that kind of guy, too. Also thank you! :)
@Spoilergirl: His name's Evan.
This isn't related to the page per say, but coloring their school is such a pain haha. Hope you like the page...the scene might come off as a bit slow moving, but it's a short scene and I quite like it :)

Thanks for reading!

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...does anyone remember Lauren? LOL Have a proper introduction to her...hi Lauren.

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Hiii :)

Early update...I'll have another page for you on Sunday. Thank you for reading! 💖

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Hey guys! If you're a Smack Jeeves reader and missed the recent updates, I just uploaded several pages. :) Please go back to the Interlude 03 - 05 if you're not caught up.

And if you didn't notice, Autophobia's main site is now going to be hosted on SJ so pages will now be fully up to date over here moving forward. You can follow the comic on SJ or on Tumblr or Twitter to keep up with updates.

If you subscribed to the RSS feed on the old site, please make sure to update it. The url is now
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Updated early on the site, so updating early here too :)

Read pages in advance at

LOL rip boys

Follow for updates at:
RSS feed:
@Mimi-Butt: I'll be uploading with a page every week at the same time here as on the site, the site will just be several pages ahead.
@Follinette: LOL! omg' a long way to go still PFF

Thank you for reading, Follinette! :)
I decided for now I'm going to still upload pages here, but it'll be behind! However, whether I upload full pages or just teasers here, you'll still know that the main site updated too LOL

So if you want to read the rest of the interlude + the first page of chapter 15, you can read it at :)

Hope you like!<3
Also the comic will be back in a few weeks with chapter 15 :)
@JayTwix: aha sorry!!! And hell yeah more kissing B)
@red.sango: thank you! :D

and LOL eh...I just reverted it to a plain smackjeeves layout. I made my own site for the comic anyway, so not worried about it haha. Thanks for the tip, though! :)
@Seve: Thank you :) haha not the ending yet, just the end of the chapter!
@shakinghands: Nope! Just the end of this chapter!