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@Charlotte Bxxx: I did, but I had to stop it awhile ago due to my day job spreading my time for drawing so thin, though I hope in the future I can start it again!
@Jessica: It was a fun panel to draw! Thank you for your interest :) When I have more time, I would love to do patreon again to offer more and quicker pages!
@Jeanettert: I would like to do a printed copy one day, but I am nowhere near ready because I am in the process of redraws still. Thank you for your interest, though!
@n-g-e @Minn_(Guest): I am unable to offer pages any more quickly at the moment, but in the future I would like to do a patreon again to do this. Thank you for the interest! :) When I am able to have a big enough buffer to do offer quicker pages on patreon, I will make sure to post about it.
@DestinySnow: No, he's having an anxiety attack.
@Dergun: Thank you and thank you for reading! :D
3-page update!
Go back to page >>Chapter 17 - 02<< to read the full update!

Anyway, our hero got no sleep last night. Yikes.
And so another chapter begins!
@vgonsalez: He does not know about Louis' current issues with anxiety or how severe they are. Louis doesn't want him to know.
Wow, 17 chapters. What am I doing with my life LOL
HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!

Read the entire update starting at >>Chapter 16 - 37<<

His dad's note reads: "Money for your tie and suit. Be careful tomorrow. -Dad"

*EDIT* Just wanted to clarify that Louis was having a dream, it was not an anxiety or panic attack. I also wouldn't classify his anger outburst before the dream as an anxiety/panic attack either, but he was certainly irritable and felt a bit out of control of his emotions. With that being said, irritability is also a symptom associated with mental unwellness, so I understand how it can be confused with anxiety-- the two often can go hand-in-hand. Attacks brought on by anxiety can manifest in a lot of different ways, but that wasn't the intention with this one...this one he was overly irritable. His thoughts weren't going a mile a minute or worrying, per se. He felt uncontrollably angry.
@Truefan108: Guess we'll see! :O
7-page update
Please go back to page >>Chapter 16 - 30<< to read the whole update.

Thank you for reading!
@Truefan108: Yuuup...he's like...oops...may have just messed up here :/
@blueberry223: oops, this page uploaded an hour early before the rest. Sorry about that, all the other pages should be uploaded now. Thanks for informing me!
Please go back to page >>Chapter 16 - 25<<

I don't really have much to say about this update. It made me sad to draw it.

Next update will have similar vibes to >>this page<< I think--maybe also the beginning of Louis' anxiety attack from Chpt 14 when it's showing his hands and stuff. Louis is very angry and his emotions feel uncontrollable, but it's not really an anxiety attack (at least not in the way we've seen). I know some people find his anxiety attacks and found that linked page to be overwhelming/uncomfortable, so wanted to forewarn.

As always, I encourage you to read the next updates when you can because they are important to Louis' character and his family life. With all that being said, I don't think the next update is as intense as his anxiety attack from Chapter 14; it's much shorter and shown more in "snippets" like in that page linked above.

I plan on wrapping this chapter up in 2-3 larger updates. The rest of the chapter is a bit of a ride in Louis' mind.
"Blue eyes like the sea glistening in the sunlight, with such depth, such soul, such desire and love. And when he looks at me with those eyes, I am but a fish out of water, craving that sea, yearning for the everlasting warmth that is his touch. Overwhelm me, blue sea, crash into me, with the force of a typhoon, render me useless, render me yours, hold me in your mighty embrace, and like the sun beaming into your waters, kiss me with such warmth, such passion that my curiosity is so piqued, I dive further into your massive lagoon of love--"
@dundundu: His dad can definitely have a temper, that's for sure. And sorry! Louis is still figuring out his sexuality, he's just not ready to come out to his was a big deal for him to just tell him that he was going with Daniel to the dance!

Thank you for giving it another try! :)I'm glad you liked it. Hope you look forward to what's to come!