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Hey all! I wanted to be able to do a larger update, but unfortunately I haven't been able to do that yet. I still wanted to update this weekend though and I'll try to update again soon-- it is just crazy times with work right now! Thanks for being patient :)
Daniel: What the actual h*ck

P.S. If you follow the comic's tumblr...tumblr is a mess right now. If you want to keep up with updates, please follow my Twitter. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience...I think with Tumblr acting up I will make a complete separate twitter for the comic since that's technically my ~*personal*~ haha

Thank you all for reading! I hope it's not been too much of a hassle to keep up with updates, but will continue to do what I can to keep it easy.
no, tell him about it. so WE can know.
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@GayGuitarist: It can be hard! From personal experience, the process of coming to terms with my sexuality was a roller coaster ride. I wanted to show Louis grapple with it because it's not clear cut to him. did come out like a garbled mess. But I think Louis liked that so...ya worked it in your favor PFF
casually holds the boyfriend's hand while talking about another guy you wanted to smooch-- JA;SDJ

Also, the kid he had a crush on was also the kid from 8th grade that gave him his first kiss. His name was Bobby because it was the first name I thought of and I just think of Bob the Builder, unfortunately.

But anyway, for those who realized eventually that they aren't straight, did this happen for y'all? Like looking back and things just make sense? There's a lot from my kid years that I've looked back on recently and I'm like, huh, that makes more sense now. LOL In Daniel's case, he totally had a crush on Flik from A Bug's Life.
Go forth a page! :)
Please go forth a page for the full update!

Also, Louis's famous last words: "I'M VERY SUBTLE."
Please go back a page to read the full update :)

As there are two pages today, there will not be a page on Wednesday this week.
@Magi--cal: Daniel's just like "woah..." haha
2-page Update!
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Thanks for reading everyone! Thought I'd upload these pages together. I still plan on updating twice per week for now, though. How do you like that schedule, by the way? Is it too overwhelming getting so many pages per week on different days?
2-page Update!
Go forth a page! :)
"eff you louis hnnnnnnnggggggggg eye twitch"

Happy Halloween everyone :)
@IronDog: haha not *quite* humor, he's just kinda dramatic LOL
@IronDog: I see a place to comment, I'm not sure what's up with that. Sorry! :(
You know, he totally paused for dramatic effect, too. "He saw...............................................................THIS."
Ur right it wasn't funny at all
Louis pls watch the road ur gonna drive into BUILDINGS
That's one suspiciously empty street. With very detailed lampposts. That look like elongated birds that a 5 year old drew.

Also go back a page for the full update LOL