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Hey!! Thanks for your patience as I finished this page :) Hope you like!
Louis Long Legs
3-page update!!!
Go back two pages :) hope you enjoy!

P.S. Happy Pride! 🌈🤗
3-page update!
Go forth two pages :)
3-page update!
aww...way to ruin the mood with your questions, louis. now y'all are just gonna be bummed out.
2-page update
2-page update! Go back a page please!

anyway, that's convenient !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smh son, smh.

(P.S. Go forth! There is one more page after this one!!)
And the quest for the blue tie continues.

Also hi!!!! :)
Hiiii! Just wanted to update here to let you all know that the comic is NOT dead and neither am I! LOL If you have been following me on Twitter (ghosteeey) or Tumblr (autophobiacomic), or read my author's comment on the previous page, then you already know what's up. Unfortunately, work has been keeping me very busy and I have not had time to work on pages. I cannot make promises of when the comic will be back...I was hoping to update either this week or next, but at the very least regular updates will definitely come back mid-end June.

Anyway, I hope you all are well and look forward to when pages start coming again! Take care of yourselves :)
Better late than never with a page, huh? Haha. Been real busy between work and family, but I'll keep doing my best to update :) Thank you again for your patience and for reading!

**EDIT April 8th, 2018**
No update today (April 8th) and no plans to update next Sunday (though who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself haha. Just don't want to make promises of a page if I cannot get it done). Need to take a bit of a break because of work, but updates will resume again shortly.

Seriously, thank you for your patience with me as I try to balance my day job with this!
@boiseboo: asd;fajsd;fj yeah, the thing hanging in the closet is a shirt, the gray blob with blue on it is Daniel's hoodie LOL
@boiseboo: he's not looking for a blue shirt
@Truefan108: haha, no blue!
Hii! Thanks for your patience as I got the next page done :) I wanted to be able to upload a couple of pages today, but just isn't going to work out as planned...nonetheless, hope you like the page :D I dunno if Louis likes this page...LOL rip.

ALSO I just wanna say thanks to y'all who comment! I don't always get a chance to reply, but I appreciate the support :)<3
@R.O.-bot: asdfjasd;fj your comment is too kind. thank you so much! I really love how the expressions came out on this page, myself :D I always strive to give off the feelings that they are feeling through their expressions, I think it makes it more immersive for readers :')
guess u just suck, louis
@Truefan108: I guess he's technically omnisexual (although he prefers women, but tbh if a hot guy came on to him he wouldn't say no). Sex is sex to him.

P.S. I've enjoyed reading all of your comments! Thank you for reading :)
Decided to update a little early! Hope you enjoy :)
Louis, idk if you can handle where u think u wanna go either