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That's one suspiciously empty street. With very detailed lampposts. That look like elongated birds that a 5 year old drew.

Also go back a page for the full update LOL
"I'm about to pass out at the wheel bc I got maybe an hour of sleep last night, but do you wanna hang out a bit longer?"

P.S. Go forth a page...this is a 2-page update :)
What's this?! An update?!!!!

Thank you everyone for being patient while I got through my funk and got my inspiration back. :) I have a bit of a buffer now for Autophobia and will hopefully be able to continue posting for the next couple of months uninterrupted!

Anyway, I did a poll on Twitter and asked about it on Tumblr as well, but what would your preference for an Autophobia update schedule be? I have been usually doing only one page per week, but would eventually like to be able to update two or three times per week. But I've also seen people do biweekly or so updates where they update 3 or more pages...which update method would you prefer?
2-page update!
Go forward one more page to see the full update >> !
Go back a page to see the full update! :)

Also RIP Daniel...ya got both of them teasing you.

**EDIT September 17**
Hey all,

Just wanted to make a little announcement that I will be taking a break from Autophobia. I'll be working on other ideas and stuff in the meantime, hoping that will get me motivated to work on Autophobia again (just not feeling it lately). I'm not sure when updates will resume, but I hope it'll be back soon enough. If you're interested in following my other stuff, you can follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading and supporting Autophobia!<3
@IronDog: Yup, haha! They're fun to write together LOL
@Jeanettert: Thanks, glad you like their interactions :)
@Guest: LMAO! I'd anticipate many loud and be-dazzled dresses.
@CalamityKitty: Thank you so much for reading, Calamity! Glad you're enjoying it thus far :) I hope to have another page for ya soon!
@r-o-t-a: I was like "OMG ROTA IS ALIVE" when I read your comment, haha! Missed you around, buddy, hope things have been going well for you. Thanks for popping in to leave this comment :)
Hey guys! Apologies for not updating last week, I was on vacation and was unable to make a post on mobile here. If you would like to keep up with news related to hiatuses or other things that come up that prevent me from posting pages, it would be best to follow me on: Twitter | Tumblr

As for future updates, they may be a bit sporadic. I am hoping to create a buffer as I began work again and it's difficult to work on pages except on the weekends. I'll try to update next week, but if there is ever a week without an update, it's probably because I'm stocking up on pages. Updates may also seem slow because not much is happening on pages right now. Not much can be done about it, but I think pages like this are still fun so I hope you enjoy it!
@Charlotte Bxxx: I did, but I had to stop it awhile ago due to my day job spreading my time for drawing so thin, though I hope in the future I can start it again!
@Jessica: It was a fun panel to draw! Thank you for your interest :) When I have more time, I would love to do patreon again to offer more and quicker pages!
@Jeanettert: I would like to do a printed copy one day, but I am nowhere near ready because I am in the process of redraws still. Thank you for your interest, though!
@n-g-e @Minn_(Guest): I am unable to offer pages any more quickly at the moment, but in the future I would like to do a patreon again to do this. Thank you for the interest! :) When I am able to have a big enough buffer to do offer quicker pages on patreon, I will make sure to post about it.
@DestinySnow: No, he's having an anxiety attack.
@Dergun: Thank you and thank you for reading! :D
3-page update!
Go back to page >>Chapter 17 - 02<< to read the full update!

Anyway, our hero got no sleep last night. Yikes.
And so another chapter begins!
@vgonsalez: He does not know about Louis' current issues with anxiety or how severe they are. Louis doesn't want him to know.