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@Guest: They're fancy boys :D
2-page update!
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Did any of you have a Jr. Prom? My high school only had The Prom senior year, but some other schools around the area had both proms. TBH, I thought prom was pretty overrated, but it was still fun. I remember they served us food and it wasn't all that great...the food was supposed to be the highlight of my night LMAO IT WAS THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT.

Also little announcement: The comic will only be updating on Sundays for the time being. I was getting a little carried away with myself updating on Wednesdays too BUT I WANTED TO GET TO THIS SCENE SO IT'S OKAY. Just gotta refill my buffer LOL!

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2-page update!
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@jsmccarthy: LOL!!! That's funny :'D
@Idealweirdo: Thank you, I really appreciate this :) <3
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WOW! So that scene was much longer than I expected or wanted, but I hope you enjoyed it. Onward to...almost the dance ;) There's still one more scene before they actually are at the dance, buuuut...I think you'll quite like this next scene :)

Also, thank you so much to all of you reading, giving likes/comments, and sharing the comic with others. I appreciate it all so much. <3 !!
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i'm sure you will still be a bumbling awkward mess as it is who you are
3-page update
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3-page update!
Go forth a page!
Any time they are in a scene together it gets awkward, weird, and sometimes funny LOL NOTHING NEW THERE, MELINA.

Next update will be 3 pages long, which you can already read up on Patreon >>
@BxB4ever: Haha! That's Daniel LOL
@Saenda: Thank you! I felt like this was important for Daniel (and also it contrasts so much with Louis's scenes with his dad haha). :)

Also, to clarify, they've been OFFICIALLY dating for almost 3 weeks, but have been ""dating"" for a few months. LOL THE WHOLE COMIC DOES NOT TAKE PLACE IN 3 WEEKS ASDFJ;

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To read the next 4 pages, check out the patreon :) >>
She's not laughing at you, but I'm laughing at you, Daniel.

P.S. Thanks for bearing with this scene y'all. This week will feature single-page updates, but starting next Sunday, I'll be releasing at least 2 pages per update to finish this scene.

And speaking of can now read an update ahead on Patreon for $5 :) Wednesday's Patreon update will be 3 pages long! :D >>
Added a new tier to Patreon! Read the next page (and ahead of the crowd each update day) for $5 :D >>
3-page update!
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