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@DaemonSineAnima: thank you <3 !!
THERE'S NO HIATUS. Because I'm doing a biweekly update schedule rn I think I will get what I need to get done to be satisfied done so we can just...carry on LOL.

OKAY so. If you've been following me on twitter, then you know I've been just not having a good time with the comic lately. I'VE BEEN STRUGGLING. And honestly I don't know why, I just have been. I think that part of it is bc this chapter is not really working for me and it's kinda all over the place imo--I'm just not happy with it.

Therefore, I'm changing the beginning of the chapter. What I'm working on I think better lays out the chapter, so I hope you will still like it. It's not a HUGE difference in ways, but it makes a difference to me LOL (although I'm removing the scene with Daniel and his mom...might put it elsewhere, idk yet).

Given this, I will be deleting what I have posted thus far for this chapter. The current scene with the boutonniere isn't going to change, but I'm going to lump that whole scene (the COMPLETED scene bc I know it's kinda dragging on lol it needs to wrap up, I know) with the new beginning pages to be one large update.

SOOOO...I'll see you in a couple of weeks with all of those pages. I really hope y'all understand...I just can't move past this rut I'm in til I do this and...if we ever wanna...get to the dance...this has to happen LOL. thanks for your patience and see ya soon <3
@plasticwrap: louis is bi (although he's still figuring out what to label his sexuality and whatnot)
@Mj: thank you for reading! It was fun reading your comments as you read through LOL :)
@mj: haha, you're right! Never noticed that typo before. I'll have to make sure it gets fixed, thanks for pointing it out :)
@TruelyMe:I'm glad to be posting again and can't wait to start posting actual pages!!! Thank you for reading :)
@Truefan108: LOL NO!!! Not at all, haha! We're about halfway through the story, still....many chapters left to come....for better or worse haha!
Chapter 19 will launch in June! Work has been keeping me *too* busy, but thankfully I'm done for the summer in just a few weeks.

In the meantime, if you would like to see some more previews and other goodies, I did restart a new Patreon :)

Please check it out at >>

I also made a new Twitter to go along with the new Patreon handle, where I hope to keep things mostly art/process related >>

Thank you for your patience and see you again soon!
Bonus chapter...8 pages long. Not really in chronological order with the story but wanted to post it anyway. Enjoy!
8-page extra chapter thing???!!!
>>Go back to this page to read from the beginning<<

This was an extra chapter that was originally intended to be the interlude before Chapter 15. I might still stick it there...idk yet LOL. At the time, it didn't feel right to put it there, and now there just hasn't been somewhere to put it that made chronological sense. I'll figure where to stick it one day...or maybe it will just forever be "extra chapter" with no true place in the comic's timeline haha. Despite that, though, we haven't had an update in awhile, and I am unsure when I can post again, so thought I'd post this in the meantime. :)

Hope you enjoyed it and see you again soon! As always, thank you for reading, for your comments, and likes. I truly appreciate your patience!
I'M SORRY. I work full time and am house hunting rn (I'm a Big Kid now) so...well there goes all of my webcomic time and energy. I'm not quite sure when I'll be able to update again, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for end of April.

Anyway, wanted to let you lovely folks know. Apologies for the bummer update, but I hope you'll understand. Thank you all very much for reading the comic and I hope you'll look forward to the comic's return with THE DANCE. :)
3-page update!
Go back to page >>Chapter 18 Page 18<< to read the full update!

I'll write after-chapter comments later...I'm too busy atm LOL BUT I WILL SAY...QUICKEST CHAPTER I GOT OUT EVER!!! LOL
3-page update!
Go forth a page!
3-page update
Go forth a page!
@Guest: He's being sarcastic. He thinks Louis is using hanging out with Daniel as a coverup and excuse to hide his "secret girlfriend."
Honestly, he's getting off easy rn and is lucky his dad still feels guilty about the previous night LOL;;
lol, Mr. Beau.
Go back a page!

Louis: "DAAAAAAAAD!!!!"
Mr. Beau: "You can't sleep yet, there's still 12 more pages of this chapter."
B(oy)est Friend
Mr. Beau's way of saying...I don't want you to get hurt or lose yourself :/