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BIG UPDATE!: So, if there was anyone out there who even cared, I'm canceling my "Warriors: Cursed" comic. I just lost all motivation to work on it (plus now that I look back on it the characters and plot all suck). A new comic will be arriving in its place, one that will actually be good. Well...good if you are a fan of My Little Pony, that is xD
Hello, I'm le KH-wolf. Also known as Yoshi, Dawn, or Melody. Call me whatever you'd like. I'm 18 years old. I love to draw, and I'm attempting to create comics. Hopefully I'll be able to one day draw up something that won't make your eyeballs vomit.

that is all :)
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IT'S. FINALLY. DONE. This is about a third bigger than most of my pages, and wow I just had a really hard time finishing it! Sorry that it's so darn late! It would have been done on time had I not been called to work all week long.

Anyway, I like how the poses came out for the most part, but the backgrounds (as usual) are reaaallllly rushed because I wanted to get this done on time. I just tried my best to do colorful backgrounds to match with the moves being used (sorry that the super sonic panels are kinda eyeball-vomit-inducing) Otherwise I like this page. I've never drawn so many pokemon moves in one page before, and drawing the moves was a fun challenge for me. Anyway, enjoy!
Will comment at the end of this update (Part 5.3)
Drei looks really cute in this page :3
So that concludes part 4.

Alright guys and gals, I'm gonna be honest. I don't really like this page. I like how YOSHI, SILVER, and the Pokemon look, but the backgrounds are sooooo lazy. Since they were standing in the same place as the last page and don't move at all, the background is all copy-paste. Ahaaa....yep.

But the next page is going to be action packed and super cool! I promise! (most of the background will probably be all intense colors like that last panel)
Here it is, homies! Chapter 10, part 4! I'll say more about this page in the next post (coming in about three minutes)
So that concludes this week's update c: Not much else to say except that I love how the backgrounds came out. I'm going to use this same strategy when drawing the backgrounds from now on
Gonna be dividing the pages into separate parts so you guys can see it in better quality :)
I just wanna say I love how stylized this comic is! Especially with this new information about the pencil symbolizing memories/flashbacks. So cool! Also I just love your style and the way you draw pokemon c:
@Lottos35: Nope! She's fine :) check out the newest comic and see!
Sorry this ones a little late! I've been so caught up on DA and the Nuzlocke forums that I kinda forgot to post it here ^^;

Anyway, Boo easily kicked Bugsy's but, just like I knew she would!
Alright, so I actually lied. I'm going to be updating each chapter weekly. The rest of Chapter 10 will be updating every Monday :) When Chapter 10 is done, I will take a two-three week break before releasing Chapter 11. We'll see what happens!

Anyway, enjoy! I tried some new things with this page, and I'm pretty pleased. The backgrounds are still a little lazy, but I think I'm improving!
Um I don't really have much to say about this page itself.

However I'm going to tell you that I will be doing the chapters all at once now, instead of submitting each little part every month and a half or so. So you will have to wait longer, but there will be more to read at a time. For now, I have no idea when Part 10 will be finished, so I can't give a date or anything. (possibly sometime in February?)
(okay so I actually drew this back in November but neglected uploading it here until now)

I NEVER WANT TO DRAW CAVE WALLS AGAIN GRAAAARRGHGHHGHG ...unfortunately the next page has another 7 panels of cave (most of which will probably be copy and paste though just like in this update like half the panels are copy-paste coughcough)
Let's play a game called, "How many improvements can you find on this page?" I mean, my anatomy is still pretty bad, and the backgrounds are still very simple, but the way they're drawn just looks a lot better, and the lines are a little cleaner.

Sorry for the long wait! I was really busy and then it was just pushed to the back of my mind for a long time. Finally got working on it again, though and I really like it :)
I don't know for sure yet when the next page will be out, because school starts tomorrow and I'll be quite busy. I also have a commission to finish and lots of drawings to give to the winners of my tumblr giveaway. So yeah. Also, I'm thinking about just finishing all the rest of the pages of this part and submitting them all at once, so it might be a really long time. But idk, I might stick to just little parts at a time.
Hello, and welcome to the page of "I didn't work on this for a solid 3 weeks and then totally forgot how to draw." Seriously, I do NOT like how those last five-ish panels came out Dx like, they look okay, but they just look so different than the rest of the panels because my art style changed a bit and BLEH.

Also, trying to do slightly longer pages at a time

Oh well, at least I'm finally updating again! It feels good to be back!
got this page done surprisingly quickly, but I'll admit that background is laaaazzyyyyyy AND it is shorter than the other pages. But yeah, the final page of part 8.

also I still can't draw hands TT^TT
WHOO! STAYED UP REALLY LATE TO FINISH THIS ONE! I was just excited to get it done as soon as possible, that I just couldn't stop myself xD

I'm actually pretty pleased with the outcome of this page, so long as you ignore the lazy background in the last three panels >.>

Next page should be up by December 1st! I'm going to start setting release dates to motivate myself to work more on the pages. But it's NEVER a sure-fire 100% prediction...I'll just say a date that's close to the time I think I'll be able to finish it. (I mean life has it's stupid crap and you never know what's gonna happen)
@ChrisH: oh that looks pretty helpful, thanks for the link!

okay...I'll admit this one was a little rushed on parts (especially the kimono girl blargh), but I think it still came out pretty well :) And I was able to update pretty quickly (compared to the time between previous updates)


Next page should be up by the end of this month