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I love making my comics. So much that I've considered a change in my dream career, but i believe I'll continue my journey into becoming an animator �

Join me on Twitter:!/raylenequinn
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Ooooohhhh fanart!! Hmmmmm...i'll see if i can't crank something out~
It is definitely exciting to have you updating again! I've missed your linework and expressions ♥
Ah no! Poor Kea is gonna get cold in that water, how dare they take her clothes!
Does this mean Zoshi was going in the wrong direction?
I love that last panel ♥
It's all new and shiny and it's gonna be awesome. I've revamped Alliances with a different/ish story plot. In fact it will be part 1 in a 4-part saga, each with their own respective protagonists! i'm so excited to begin I barely know what else I should put in this comment section! I won't be officially posting to SJ quite yet, still gotta prep for that, but when I do I will be deleting this webcomic and setting up a new one instead. It'll go under the same name however.

If you want to stay up-to-date, I recommend following me on twitter, you can find me under RayleneQuinn (DanieB)
It's only lines but i'll have it in tones by next update. Until i can get a rhythm back I'm gonna keep updates on Thursdays only. I'm sorry if all of this mumbo jumbo of updates n stuff confuses you @.@
And then fact that's it's been nearly a month since i last updated! I REALLY didn't want that to happen </3
Well, I'm gonna remember her birthday really easily xD

And baths? Wait, what? So does she bathe?
Wow! This was all wonderfully done! wonderfully paced and totally captivated me ♥
New record set for making me fall in love with a comic
It's a little strange seeing Kea without her glasses xD
Spring Break is Over
Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!
Gonna start exporting at bigger page sizes, it seems to be working so far...
L'Oreal, because he's worth it ;D
If only every page were this easy...but then there would be no challenge ;D
EDIT: Alright! I think i'm figuring out the page guides so i think i'll be able to plan how i import stuff so yea. Manga Studio. Figuring shit out.

My time management sucks. So i'm gonna start working on the next pages on Sundays and Tuesdays cause i'm not going to keep putting my readers through this shit.
I'M SO SORRY! Work, school, and family stuff screwed me over this week. I'm super sorry for missing Tuesday's update!
And so it begins!
This is sorta where it really kicks off for me ♥
Lol, I can actually hear Dani growl in the last panel xD
Looks pretty awesome to me! Though the bubble in the last panel looks strange to me. Something about the outline...I can't quite put my finger on it.