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Captain McDerp
I'm Kuroda. I'm back.

Current projects:
Writing +Recovery script. Will start when I have 5 pages of script written and have a decent sheet. [7/5] [1 pose]
Revive The Smack [Will not happen until I have the time to come up with a way to do this, since there's not much news going on.]
Make sprite sheet <3 [Have final design done]
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@iWillbenapoprouctions LOL, I troll all the time, there's really nothing else left on this site for me.

Just the fact that you accept it makes it better.
@IwillbenapoPRODUCTIONS Oh cool, glad to see it doesn't mean anything, coming from a veteran of the site, of over 3 years.
this comic sucks so much dick

And you're a recolor.

Shame on you.
o hey its blake faggo
dis nigs stole your comic yo l#comments_list
Make me a new avie

you nigger

with my sprites
and all photoshopy

fuck you nigger dick
@PolarStar: Damn straight.
That right there is one of my best creations.

Probably getting rid of it soon, once I sprite a new one.
@Rage: God dammit man, like over a year.

Everyones gone, SJ is so dead now.
Or at least Xat is :[
@.Eddi.: Lol why'd you get banned?
Also, add me, KurodaTh.
I'm not on too often, since I have no games, but I'm working on that.
>implying half your sprites haven't been androgynous
>mfw you can't do greentext on SJ

Also, why haven't you been on steam in like 6 months
Alot of old poses here. Revamping them.
Credit to Nolan(? I can't remember who made them) for the ready-to-fight, punching, and kicking bases.


Yes, I'm aware some poses shoes do not have the "converse" tip on them.
@cqclegoman: GTFO a chat once in a while dickwad.

Or give me your MSN/Facebook