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Hello Lovelies and Dears,

I'm Yumi Marie, I've been making web comics since high school and been drawing for even longer. I'm an artist in her senior year of art school majoring cartooning. When it comes to comics, I want to create something colorful and imaginative. I try to make each of my characters jump off the page and tell their story. With every month, I'm learning something new and hope to show it in the pages of my comics.

When I'm not drawing comics or in school, I enjoy going to conventions in cosplay and meeting new faces. Also I enjoy sewing and sculpting. Most important;y I love tea. I have about fifteen types of tea currently in my tea pantry.

Currently working on "M'lord and the Tailor"

I like to cosplay, draw, eat sushi, dance, laugh and create.

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December 5th, 2017
@Crimson Chains: thank you so very much for your wonderful story: it always has been an inspiration to me. I loved the characters and story. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
I'm glad kaidou is so okay with it. Ski was being open and honest.

How can you not forgive someone who was that honest? This only shows the trust in their relationship.
August 12th, 2017
i love this so much
July 23rd, 2017
glad to see you again
I love your comic, I haven't been on smackjeeves in months. I just caught up with your wonderful comic.

It really motivates me to start my new revamp of Milord.

I'm so happy to still this comic is still running. Its so great!
yes this is so great
Penny needs to calm down, Nate is saying his good byes to his family. Someone calm her
Jules let's get real... she is the biggest bitch ever. She forced you into this little fantasy of hers that you two are such a happy couple. Be a man and stand up for yourself, dump her butt. She's a leech I'm sure she'll survive and latch on to the next dreamy guy.
ahhh he liked it so he freaked
Worst mom ever!

If I knew someone assaulted my son sexually, my bear claws would come out. A parent should protect their child.
I ship it, wild man is good
Julien just come clean. Tell him you love him, even if its too late take a chance
I cant say thank you enough Hayden for staying with him. Poor Mars probably is too traumatized to be left alone.
Poor Mars, Hayden just hug the little dear/. he really been through hell
Hayden give him your jacket and keep him away from the house. Poor Mars
thank you Hayden he needs help. Dont let him walk away.
I hope Nate ends up walking this way. In horrific times its best to be with friends. Poor mars i hope he doesnt get sick running out in his underwear. I know he had no choice, glad at least he run away from Jace
poor Mars and bad Jace for assaulting him at night like that!
Jace needs therapy and plenty of videos of how to act to people