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Call me Ash. I like art and I smell like daisies

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*shed tear* I look forward to future projects *applause*
this is so awesome c: totally going to add this to my "to buy list". Was surprised to see the 1-17 age range though cx seems more like maybe 15-20. congrats!!
NOOO ;w; if this is the end.. I'm begging you to continue making comics you are a TALENT woman!!!
I'm really a fan of how you draw female bodies. I guess I'm so used to seeing extremely thin girls in comics and this just feels so real, like they look healthy :-)
AAAAAAWWWWWWWWW this update <3 Liam is such a nice name, and he sounds awesome c: what you said totally reminded me of my boyfriend!! have a good valentines day :)
wait wait wait
so did ruthie like see sasha hug blythe??? I gotta go back...

*edit nevermind she was staring kinda sadly at the rain, whew
I don't want this comic to end ahh.. I hope you will make more!! <3
I have to admit, I love him with this hairstyle.. just wish he wanted it done lol! His lil sister is soo cute aww c:
officially my fave page
I can tell I'm gonna love this chapter ahhh
I really enjoyed this and I almost wish it wasn't a one shot! Although the length adds to how powerful it is I think. I recognized your art immediately as I had a run in with todd allison and petunia violet ages ago. Didn't know you were on Smackjeeves! Awesome :)
This comic is so cah uuuute *heart eyes*
After reading the last update I was like "wat.. I kinda like, ship Blake and Janey? Omg what if they're actually more than best friends" and now.. I feel good. also in response to your reply to my last comment, yeah I saw Blythe as a hipster mainly because girls who have pixie cuts and dress all hip are stereotyped that way where I live, and punk is just kinda dead here I guess. It's called scene or emo, and if you don't really fit into those, and you're not a "prep" then you're like just normal or a hipster I guess haha
"Anyway, Just to let you guys know... these guys won't stay small forever. There will be a time skip to when they're teenagers, not pre-teens! It won't be for another 2 or 3 chapters, but this arch is coming slowly to a close :P"

DAMN YOU I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS ;-; I'm just kidding I love you
I just think it's so funny that Blythe calls Blake a hipster but i mean come on girl... do you SEE yourself? so silly to judge/label people, especially when you like them enough to date them.. that was intense.
wrapping up....?! ;-; nooo you're not allowed.
They.. are so CUTE omg. I'm cryiNG <33