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Kyle Moses
Haider, I'm Kyle! I'm into gaming, 'Specially Runescape and Mabinogi. Also, I like writing, as I am the co-author for "Adventures of teh Internetz!"
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    Azeleon Chan
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The Undertale Reference though.
Yes, Oddish. Dance on the Voltorb's corpse. Let the Dark Side consume you.
Swanky. adj. Full of Swank.

Swank. noun. An object of pure extravagance.

Obligatory First edit.
Keep the comics coming! I absolutely love where this is going!
@Akuto: No, he can just light up a sig, take a smoke, and set off the alarms. Or have DT set them off.
In all reality, I'm more in support of 2 Penciled pages a week, as I do want to see the eventual conclusion to Atty's journey... Which, at the rate we're currently at, will be in like 100 years if we don't speed things along.
2 Penciled pages a week definitely.
Is George going to learn Atty's real name soon?
Dragonthing is evolving!
Dragonthing Has evolved into BiggerDragonthing!
Thunder Armor. Anime fails at moves.
Flippity floppity...
Pokeball: 200 PokeDollars
Full Restore: 3,000 PokeDollars
Atticus' Face on that last panel: Priceless.
Dragonthing used struggle!

EDIT: First... Not gonna be that guy to freak out.
Umm, is George missing a tooth?
Oh noes... Did he leave Dragonthing on its own? And since when did he know it was called a Charmander?
As I said on the Auther's notes page, right before the gary battle, I thought so... RIP Nadine.
That girl flipping digs Atty right now... Stalkerific!
To be completely honest. The Nuzlocke is even more difficult on Black and White, with the xp rates changed and all.
Like a Boss.