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I haven't read this in a while xD Been away and no I haven't abandoned you nor this comic. But why you no update for 2 months ? *v*
.megami23.: Yes it is. But it's ok sometimes... When you're not the only one who failed during a test haha -shot- That proves that our professors are inhumane xD
Thank you very much megami-san :D You're spoiling me too much though your words had always been my battery to do better xD.

.CareBearCara101.: Your name goes well with your attitude. -bear hug <3- Thank you! :D

.Dekka'sAnime.: Thank you for being the first! xD I messed up with the transition huh? xD If you start at this page : h/ it's a flashback. I hope that helps a little :D
If you're still confused then ask me again what confuses you hehe xD

.Scarlitt (Guest).: Welcome! :D Yes there will be.

btw: Crank calls can be a subgroup of a prank call. Just what my dear guest said a crank call is more serious. It's in the form of a blackmail. While a prank call is more intended for fun... though it's not funny for the receiver haha
I feel like crying right now :'( College is being hectic lately and I couldn't even finish a page in a week :( I shouldn't be ranting .... Sorry about that...

To my beloved readers thank you very much for reading! :')
I have school in the morrow so I'll comment on you're comments after I get some rest :). Good Night! xD
Lol well I didn't expect that. It's easier for Kurogawa to kill it from the inside (Dude that's gross) but since this is a MMORPG, I think he's killed. It's either they wait for Kurogawa again or get themselves be eaten.
October 27th, 2011
So far I've enjoyed this comic. Mostly because I can relate to the setting itself xD Zagu-Zagagu
. Magna and Suma: Taga-UP po ba sila 'tol?
.Tricycle: Oo nga naman mas sosyal kaysa sa pedicab xD

I've had this question for a while. Jose was under surveillance even before the karmanic incident happened but when he died those guys who were watching him were happy that he died. Couldn't they just have killed him before? They were concerned of his welfare yet happy that he died xD Was that sarcasm all along? I find it funny. Well I haven't completely read everything so basically I'm just answering my own question.

Don't mind me kuya LOL! Keep up the good work!
Lol I'm glad I faved this! I just hope Naoto's pride wouldn't get in the way xD
October 25th, 2011
Far from game over since she'll be revived and brought back into the game anyways. The thought of getting killed multiple times is more traumatic. KAMI you're so CUTE!!
@Loverofyurstories @ A v e r y:: lol I finally learned how to do them thrusts. I'm still waiting for someone to teach me how to dougie.

@Loverofyurstories && imeshness09: Yeah lol Feast your eyes in the Len wannabe xD I have been a fan of Vocaloids, especially the Kagamine twins and Kaito since Highschool, not to the point of obsession though. Well my obsession comes sporadically. Once I browse a vocaloid vid, I keep on browsing for more. That's how addictive they are. Curse them xD

@Loverofyurstories: How many friggin' times do I have to mention you?! LoL. I went to your DA. Well my skills aren't yet refined so I'm not that good xD For how long have you drawn? All I could say is practice and browse for tutorials. If you think your art sucks, then strive to become better :)
October 20th, 2011

We could have seen this in Takao's POV. Well it's just a CPR. We'll have to wait for the 'REAL', 'INTIMATE' KISSU <3

This is my thank you page. Orenji-kyun <3

@megami-san: Both reactions are acceptable lol. meh not as pro as you are! i've got a long way to go xD Aww :3 Thank you!
@YaoiGirl09: :'3 Thank you! I was planning to have his bloody fluids gush out but that wouldn't be appropriate lol. It would be a shame to let him die in one chapter.
@Mr. Sheep: Thank you for not hitting the 'Remove' button for me after waiting for 2-3? months :3
@CareBearCara101: Glad to be back! xD
@Dekka'sAnime: well yours was necessary lol. Though eating carrots would've traumatized you by now, eh? Don't worry. I like it when my readers( such as yourself dear) could also relate to my Ocs situation :3
@selfinversion: lol yup i used to watch it too. Hmm how old were we again? I feel so old LMAO xD woah didn't know that haha. I watched it in yt just now and hell yeah them eyes are just creepy. sigh... doesn't feel like the old times :(
October 10th, 2011
hmm actually people learn fast at the moment they are about to drown.For example: Threading. I say let bocchama do his own thing. Save him later lol.

Great page btw xD I miss reading your comics
Imma back now! xD
Aimi.. ewww lol
YEAH! Who are you kidding? lol
October 5th, 2011
Dimitri looks really... edible! xD
Forced planking lol
I miss you guys! I miss smackjeeves! I miss tabby. But you guys might have already forgotten about me and my comic xD

Thank you for the patience everyone :D I'll soon be updating this comic of mine. October is finally here but vacation starts next week. So until then please continue supporting TMW :') BTW I'm starting a new comic. Just some previews for now. Just go to my profile.
August 16th, 2011
lol this is cute so far xD
I always get goosebumps whenever I see the two getting more intimate in each passing page. One of the best in SJ. Thank you again for a wonderful page.
August 15th, 2011
So happy!!
Yay! Sweet ride! Those hours are worth it! But don't push yourself too hard dear :( I hope your hand would heal soon :)