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September 20th, 2014
why run away when you can just get it over with?
sorry i disappeared for a month
i am back
let's get down to it
okay so i know i really suck with updating comics. woops. but i decided, hell, why not make a magical girl comic. if you read and support, that'd be great

and also, a link to my art blog!
naaah even is a jerk rn
@ellecat: yeah that's what they had told me c: and since Aubrey is french canadian as are his parents and they are fluent i thought it would fit :)
@ellecat: are you french? I took french for a few years and my teachers had always told me this was a casually way of saying it with someone you're close with. but if I'm wrong I can change it, thank you c:
good morning~
and a page. I did this while intoxicated, high five me
alright! So I've been sketching and the new designs should be up later tonight or tomorrow!
are cinder and sprite going on a date with each other oooorr???
I'm actually tearing up :C poor little ink he's so cute and his sad little face :C
April 15th, 2013
WOW look at the cute little baby on his shouder c':
The killers panel though... And salads.
awwwwww Herz is so sweet c': I almost cried at the second panel. Does Jura have a russian accent? I thought I read somewhere Jura was russian or something..
Aahhhh~ what a cutieeeee!!
I love this. Oh ughhh I'm gona cry rafaelllll you big sweetie!
*snap. snap. snap snap. snapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsna psnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsn apsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnap*
Icannot stop listening to Bathtub by Waxahatchee. And it inspired me to draw this.
awwww she's so cute, And SASHA IS SO CUTE. WHY IS EVERYONE CUTE??