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I don't know anymore?
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That's it for this chapter. Expect chapter 4 to be out during the fall or winter time. Next chapter is the start of a new arc and I hope you will enjoy that. Until next time!!!
Aye!!! Nod to FMA!!!!
Hello long time no see!!! This chapter will have a slower roll out but at a much constant pace. I am working two jobs in my real life and sometimes I have to work them back to back so it leaves me little time to work on this comic. I try to reserve a day to work on it and I am trying to push two pages a week or one if I can't find the time. I do hope you enjoy this chapter because its more of a conclusion of the introduction as we know it.
That is it for this chapter. I have decided to devote more time to Angelus Delapsus. Chapter 3 will be out during winter. It will introduce new characters and if you take a look at my other comic Assassin Archangel you can get a hint on who will be in it.
Experimenting with angles is my favorite thing when doing comics.
I meant for this page to look different.
Sorry it took long to get this chapter out.
That is it for chapter 1! I'll be back during the summer with chapter 2, keep checking in for details.
Can't believe it took me almost 4 years completing it.
I'm taking a break. The last two pages will be uploaded next week.
Happy New Years Eve guys!!!! I hope you all have a safe one now.
Comic updates are back to help complete chapter 1!!
Its Been 2 Years!!!
I can't believe I gave up on this comic, but after a while and since I have been out of school I thought it would be nice to start this baby again. I was thinking about restarting but then I was like..... nah! So I guess I'll start up a schedule again for this.
Its been a very long time and I have decided that I will try and do this comic again. Hopefully my new improved drawing skills will show.
Schools has been really hectic for the last few months so pages are coming slow now but don't worry. I will keep doing this comic.
Old faces from the old comic but redesigned can you figure out who they are.
Remember her from the Assassin archangel comic?
Just a little fun I did a quick digi art. I work mainly with traditional materials than do the final touches on the computer. so I decided to see how it was like to work on gimp for a while
Thank you the story will get better
Back on track
Assassin Archangel is back on tracks, but I'll be uploading update Irregularly so it can more correspond to my school schedule.

Check out my Deviant page at