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This is just too hot. I'm dying, this is the best scene of the whole comic. <3
Ghoul reminds me of Sherlock!
I'm done.
Love it.
January 12th, 2017
Do we have a cute little Dean Winchester here? <3
September 17th, 2016
Your art is improving so much! I love this last few pages
I ship them.
I'm going to hell now.
You're most beautiful page yet, to me.
Very well done, I love it!!!
PLUS: Monster babe is the best name ever.
I HAVE WAITED ALL MY LIFE FOR THIS. Don't make feel like a fool tomorrow lol
(I ship them so hard right now)
I love this comic already.
The style is BEAUTIFUL!
I love the style. Very fresh and fun to look at. the transitions are really smooth. I really like it!!! And finally a little bit of violence and sex mixed-up, for the like of little deviants like myself!!
Hope to be reading at your awesome story soon <3
June 6th, 2013
We missed you guys!!! welcome back!!!
May 2nd, 2013
He likes Navys, such a cute kitty!!! *puuuurr*
April 3rd, 2013
Poor Navys!!! I just want to pet him, too damn cute!!! This comic IS too damn cute, I love it!
Lil drunk baby dindn't even change clothing am I right??? looool
Calm down little pervet-chan. Is not new in the Yaoi universe to exist this kind of fantasies. The ones who are still reading, we clearly don't mind.
oh nooooooooooooooooo, He wouldn't, he wouldn't.
He is just the sweetest thing ever. LOL
oh nooooo, poor thing, what's he gonna do with foxy??? :(
Oh no, you evil twin. Let the boy wear black for gods sake!!!