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I'm a novelist wannabe who so happens to love drawing just as much as writing. I'm big into rping, and most of my video games I play are the rpg-type. Final Fantasy, Tales of series, and the like. Anime and manga are also my loves. Let's not forget music either. It's so inspirational!

I'm also big on nature, so a lot of my stuff involves respect for it. I love the Native American cultures for that very reason, and so you'll see that type of stuff in my works in some form or other.

A little about DSS...

Oddly enough, this story was born when I was sitting in computer class zoning out. It all started with a scene where a young man was sitting on a sidewalk at night underneath a light. When a little girl comes up to him he tells her to go home because she doesn't belong there, that it's too dangerous to be out and about. I liked the scene so much I just had to come up with a story for it so a couple of months later I created one. Now... five or so years later, I'm making it into a comic!
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I'm really glad that you updated. ^-^ The artwork is a little different but that's to be expected since you've kinda been off for a while there. Anywho, yay for update!
Sexy-cute, if there's such a thing, this picture is definately it. ^-^ Very intament. Not to mention well drawn!
Looked like the dust made their ears go away. Though for Ren only temporarily, unless he made his come back out again? *shrugs* Anyway... there's gotta be more to that dust. It's like a knock out, maybe it weakened the nekos but knocked out the two human boys? *blinks* I can only speculate.
Nope, that's Ren. Notice the shirt fallen off his shoulder?
Mysterious new person... *clicks next to find out more 'bout her* I hope!
The first pic is sexy, the middle a mixture of sexy and cute, and the last is just plain adorable. *hearts*
Should've used hand instead....

And you're right Scenister, I was thinking the same thing when I saw that smilie face.
Indeed, he should be grateful. *continues to snicker*
Haru looks pleased, Ren looks pissed. Ko-chan... looks demonically happy. And the other girl who's name I haven't memorized yet *gomen* is totally clueless. Just makes the first panel awsome when you put all that together.
Not only does Ren have pointy ears, he also has a fluffy tail. Looksie at the tails!

Ko-chan is on the loose. Beware!
get raped?
*smacks forehead* Ko-chan...
haru's realization panel... makes me think of a dog who's ears are perked. but in a cute way. ^-^
I guess it never occured before but now after seeing that last panel... Of course duh! I feel rather silly now for not realizing that the towel would be below the tail not above it.
*snickers* It's a very bad picture to have gotten. Not only does it make him look like he's got a cat-cosplay fetish, but it makes him like a furry who is into another male furry. Not good. Not at all...
Convient and I so spelled that wrong... anyway... So stalker boy thinks he's got a cat-cosplay fetish huh? *lol at towel scene* Haru is such an evil little kitty when he wants to be.
I was trying not to think yaoi but I did... But yes, as the others said, Haru doesn't seem like he's dressed as a whore. Not really.
The fans requested and the fans got. Now... what shall this incident turn into with mr stalker person and the boys with their ears and tails out on top of that fact. hm...
'course it's gonna end in a tie. It'll only make them be more competative with each other. ;p
Hm.. I can't decide whether Haru did that on purpose or not...
Lol! 'surrounded by yaoi fangirls'. Doesn't help that male cats don't tend to get along anyway.