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An update to my laziness. hahaha
I haven't logged in to sj in about...2 years...maybe more?
The fact that I guessed my old password correctly is lucky.
I plan on reading through quite a few of the comics that I--well--abandoned, when I lost interest for a while. Sadly, I will be dropping a few. There are just too many!
Later, if I'm still interested, I will update my description. That's after I read the comics I should have finished a year ago :D
Or, just keep this here, for a laugh.
Also, I have been lifting weights and eating well (*cough* mostly *cough*). Apparently, I'm not TOTALLY lazy, anymore.
Also also, I am obsessed with Namine Ritsu. That's a warning. Eventually, my obsession will come out.
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July 28th, 2018
So, I'm back ^_^;
So, I hear you're on hiatus. I haven't logged in here, since 2016. (Read my profile--or not. I finally have a "real" one.)
I'm going to read from the beginning. Maybe be the time I have read through all the webcomics I have, that I plan on keeping, this one will no longer be on hiatus. I have a lot of reading to do.
Damn it, Mars! I would tell you to stop being a clueless tease. But you probably wouldn't even realize that you're doing it. (Hence, the "clueless".)
July 24th, 2016
I am convinced that Donovan is the most beautiful person there. And I don't care what he looks like behind that "mask". I am prepared for whatever gruesome disfigurement he may have. (Worst case scenario: something is...ugh..missing.)
For now on, I'm rooting for Dio!
TFW you binge watch/read an entire series until you've completely caught up...and then you have to wait for the next episode/page...
Those headphones :D I have ones like those.
OMG you guys! You weren't supposed to be my OTP. But I guess it just happened that way.
Everything from here will be new to me. (Wow, I have an embarrassingly lot to catch up on.)
TFW you find out they're the GOOD ones in the family. smh
I got lazy, a while ago, and stopped reading. (Oh no!) So I guess I'll just have to read this over. It shouldn't take me too long, since, lately, I've been reading fanfics that are novel-length.
I think my heart just exploded O.o
Gorillaz poster ^_^ Glad I wasn't the only one to notice.
I like this, enough to log into facebook, to join. (I hate facebook, btw. I might be tempted to log on more often, if I'm accepted.)
He's right! It's almost like a woman is writing this thing :P
It starts...
Brutal :O
@NoctisNyx: I was just going to say that.
"I don't care about him at all!"
*stares, intensely*
Terrible personality = not a skank ?
@Sylvano: Me too :/