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Wario was never seen in SAZ again
@The Magnificent Z: Neroe removed it because he's a bully, he even pulled the ship out of the sea and prevented Wario from sailing the seas
@The Magnificent Z: considering it's Wario, I'd go with the latter option
Too bad he'll never make amends with demon gata
good fuck bre

shit character

just like reed richards
in my honest opinion, ladies and gentlemen, in a nutshell, this comic is a gem
The absolute mad man

<iframe width="320" height="180" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Man that really sucks
@WolfryHedgies: I mean, they've been dead
What is this man up to? Find out soon.
Would've been funnier if he hit his head and fell back down
do not go gently into the night
Shard, are you... magic?
@EXFalchion: what are you going on about? I said nothing about stands
@WolfryHedgies: but Cronos is a power-type
@WolfryHedgies: well, where the rip would be would be covered by the body and other sword for the last 3 panels, wouldn't it?