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Man that really sucks
@WolfryHedgies: I mean, they've been dead
What is this man up to? Find out soon.
Would've been funnier if he hit his head and fell back down
do not go gently into the night
Shard, are you... magic?
@EXFalchion: what are you going on about? I said nothing about stands
@WolfryHedgies: but Cronos is a power-type
@WolfryHedgies: well, where the rip would be would be covered by the body and other sword for the last 3 panels, wouldn't it?
@The Magnificent Z: No just dragged her offscreen, the swords didn't come out
@EXFalchion: I think you have the wrong kind of smashing in mind
Another body is taken, what's this cocky fucker up to?
@WolfryHedgies: Only love is with us now

Something warm and pure
happy belated valentine's day because i couldn't post this on valentine's day because the admins took posting perms until the 1000th comic which happened to overlap valentine's day so it ruined my joke to have this be a valentine's day comic, but now it's up as a belated valentine's day comic so i guess the joke is still partially intact but still what the fuck the joke isn't the same re