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New page to the manga! The start of Chapter 11! I hope you're excited for what comes next.
We're finally getting into it! Chapter 11, "Destination Nowhere". The title is inspired by Erika Sawajiri's "Destination Nowhere". Check out the lyrics here:
What's going to happen next on Zi and Raimon's journey?
Sorry for the lack of updates. Here's the last picture of this chapter!
It's my birthday!
It's my 30th birthday! SURPRISE! ^.^
Enjoy the page!
@Calumon: Yaaaaaaaaaaaay ^o^
@Mchav6: No worries ^o^ More will be coming!
A connera is a type of pony :) and now you know!
@Frost The Wolf: Why thank you!
There's a cameo in here of a few of my Digimon from my first Digimon FDD: Digica ;)
@Draco Veritatis: I'm not gonna answer that, silly! Just wait and see :O
@Frost The Wolf: lol DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN
@MiniDragonfly: Correct ^_^
@Frost The Wolf: This is true!
@Hakked: lol wait and see ;D
@Frost The Wolf: I haven't seen Thor in awhile.. so I forget xD but yay! I'm glad you think it's awesome
@Da-Noggin: ^_______^
@Frost The Wolf: Thank you :D
@Frost The Wolf: Of course, I will ^_^
@Frost The Wolf: Awww thank you so much :D