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I have a lot of free time but I'm not good at drawing :) I can create decent stories though!
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Jessica and Heather?
Wasn't it Fara that kissed Heather when they were drunk? Not Jessica? I've read through Rain like three times...I'm pretty sure it was Fara cause Kylie took pictures of them which where promptly deleted :P
Regardless, I love this chart ^.^ It isn't hard to follow at all :P
I think Fara is doing the right thing by supporting any choice that she may have regarding the baby. While I haven't been in that situation I still think it would be nice to know that there's always someone there to support me no matter what I do
Looks like someone finally got laid xD

btw, LOVE the story and everything about it :D I spend days just rereading everything over and over ^^
September 21st, 2012
I like it ^^ it looks really cool! :D
September 20th, 2012
Okay that was sooooo MEAN!!! I wanna know :( Btw I only recently started reading Rain and I already read through it twice ^^ Keep it up :D
Awesome comic! Keep it coming!!
August 21st, 2012
I love this :3 please hurry and continue!!
Am I the only one that noticed that Murphy is staring at Keno in an odd position? :3
Love This comic!!!!!!!
Shuno is so freaking adorable!!! I just wanna keep all to myself!! ^^
how dare he yell at Shuno like that D:

P.S. Love your comic!! I read it from start to recently updated constantly ^^