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Naked Jellyfish
I like drawing, coffee, grey eyes, the colour brown, and pianos.
I don't like being asked questions twice, fruit, 2012, speaking french, and your mum.
Sorry for any inappropriate jokes I might make.

I'm also at:
@The Orange Cow: aannnddd high in iron, which is good for getting nice strong muscles

(this comic is secretly full of good morals)
@dancefloor: He's going to be the sass-master. I can feel it.
@The Orange Cow: And thank YOU for reading >:D
Holy balls it's been a while...

@The Orange Cow: Ahhhum-- *flees*

I think he's lying about not eating. I know he secretly goes out every night for McDonalds or something...But Poe doesn't need to know that.
@dancefloor: Sorry sorry :C I've been pretty busy lately with uni and work (AHH, LIFE).

Not hiatus, but probably very slow updates. I don't know when I can get around to doing pages anymore...
@The Orange Cow: That better not be a pokemon reference...NOPE, I WILL NOT EXCEPT IT.
@Firestar957: Thank you very much! Your words are so encouraging :"D

Ahh, it's times like these I wish I could update faster so I don't have to make you guys wait~
@pfenix: DD: OH MAI. Thank you for pointing that out! So embarrassing...I'll change it right away.
I hate drawing cups ;______;
@The Orange Cow: But that's part of his charm~ >:D
Tomo deserves a picture dedicated to him, too.

Uni is starting soon - I'm getting prepared for it, so this will be the update this week. SORRY :C
@Kitty-chan405: I didn't think on it, but you're right.

Ahh, I should try more to give characters more unique facial features (Practice will hopefull get me there XD )
@Senji Q: That would be HP PSG. Haha, it's definately my favourite~!
Friends going into a haunted forest for a dare...How cliche, I know. But I'll make sure it won't end that way.
I felt too guilty to do that and made a whole village just for all my chickens to live in ಠ_ಠ

Yeah. They still trampled on my crops, those good-for-nothings.
Next chapter~~ :D

AHMAHGAH. Updates were originally twelve or so pages behind where I was at making them. But I had a really bad art-block, so I haven't drawn any pages for a while now and updates have caught up to where I am.

So this will be this week's page.