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Yes I have deleted all my old comics.

Yes my new comic is still crappy.

Yes I am A.D.D. when it comes to comic making.

Here is my DA:
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Makes you hard, on your ELBOW
@Uchoha: It's on the new page labelled "Fan Art"
Don't forget, the contest is still on!
Oh man, I love it! =D
I know I missed monday's comic deadline Dx

So to make up for it, I'm giving you a contest!

Get crackin jackers!
Well if you do, it's probably because you are.
That's wonderful. Are you doing Nanowrimo again this year?
Care to explain how it is offensive?
Because Martin is british, not french.

o 3o
1. Mido is from britain and he is like that.
2. It's generally not based off of real life people. Metis and Minnie are fictional, but I felt like throwing in my dear buddy Martin for this one =3
Was bored. So here is some art filler!
Starring Mido, cartoonist of Braceton. =D
Loving it. Keep up the good work =3
I'm in a bad mood! -Punches-

Totally something I would do xD
I think I puked a bit in my mouth.
Lulzzzz TJ is in a bunny jumper! =3

He looks so angry!!!

Grrr, I'm a wild animal! Grrrr
Wow, I'm really loving your style. =D

That good witch or whoever is creeping me out though > 3<