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I'm a third year student on Fine Arts Academy in Lodz, Poland. I'm in love with manga and anime, especially Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Ghibli movies C: I'm 21 years old and have two dogs and four cats cause I love animals...
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@Lopez: Voy a actualizar el cómic en junio / julio :)
@hamelenolilo7: Yeah, I've posted it on tumblr since it was a tumblr giveaway :)

Hope your exam went well! ; u ;
End of chapter 2! Thank you all so much for reading my comic for so long! The giveaway ended last week, but I plan on making a drawing contest! What do you think of that?

Sorry for the delay, I was feeling like crap these past few days...
Thanks to all of the readers who took part in the giveaway!
Next week - last page of second chapter!
:) There's only two pages of the second chapter left!
Also remeber about the giveaway! 4032016-to
Also remember about the giveaway! It's still on! 4032016-to
@Guest: :) hyacinth-without-his
also remember about the giveaway! ebrate-2-years

If you want to participate: ebrate-2-years
Experimenting a little with colours and stuff = u =
Enjoy the prettiest running scene ever created... xD
And I feel like I'll be sick again ehh damn this freakin weather...
Hello! Thank you all very much for all of those messages asking about Names and for waiting for so long! I wouldn't be able to go back to drawing this comic without my readers support! Some life events weren't going well for me at the end of 2015 and 2016 hasn't started any better. But I've tried drawing everyday and it's somehow working out.

Now I'm doing my master's degree and I have a LOT of stuff to do but I'd also like to continue Names since it's almost end of chapter 2. I'll probably switch to more sketchy style so I'm apologizing in advance for the quality drop. It's really not the best page and I know it, I just forgot how hard it is to draw a comic ; n ;
♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥
Thank you all for waiting for so long! There will be a new page soon!
Thank you all very much for your kind words on the previous page, I appreciate it very very much! Thanks for so much support, I feel a lot better now <3

As always you can visit my tumblr for more stuff that I draw :)
It was a long break, sorry. My Grandma passed away on 14th September and I couldn't draw since then. It's still not easy but I've got a yiynova tablet for testing so I thought "why not trying to draw a page using it?" :)
I'm really sorry for taking a break without informing. I'm somehow insecure about this comic and I need to sort some things out so I don't know if the updates will be regular from this point on.

Thanks for reading and supporting!
Also I've made a patreon to motivate myself to work more, some sketches from the webcomic will be available there so I encourage to support me!
Thanks for patience! It's a 50th page of this comic, I'm really happy that I've made fifty pages cause it's like A LOT for me and for how slow I am with work :)
Thanks for the support and many kind words <3
@pleasingMOFO: Could you tell me where do you see this resemblance? I'm curious cause I know that my story is somehow bizarre but I don't see any look-a-likes with Hirohiko Araki's style in my drawings (only Micah is a little bara-ish haha)
@pleasingMOFO: HM maybe because I'm a huge JoJo fan xD ORA ORA!
Sorry for the delay, I don't know if there will be a new page next week...
Thanks for reading and for almost 1900 fans!