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You can find more of my art on deviantart:

Right now I'm too lazy to actually make a comic :B

Find me on twitter at @FindingLark to find out more about the book I'm writing.
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lol stupid man! Your woman is right there in front of you! Smother her in smoochies!
I like how she never realized this before. And I hope nobody died in the time jump...
@crystalgardian: sure XD ha ha ha
Chapter Two is here!
@crystalgardian: lol, awww XD Ha ha ha, well I'm glad you like my comic!
awww so cute. Love this comic already! But I wonder, during this comic, will it show everyones kids when the time comes?
It would make sense if Rose was pregnant and Kane was yelling at Pifo or something because Cat and Foxy both look at Castalia when they ask...
encase the body in cement and bury it in the neighbors backyard while they're asleep. It's foolproof!
Theres a zombie on me so you cant haunt me! WHO DO YOU VOODOO BITCH!
I bet it's Josh or Pifo...
Rip out the grass/ dirt with the blood on it while wearing gloves, dump it in the neighbors trashcan in the middle of the night and stick the body inside a black plastic bag. Roast them in the closest incinerator and then proceed to crush the skeleton up into dust. With the larger pieces, buy a crappy blender with cash and blend up the pieces. Clean with bleach and proceed to either keep it for later or throw it in the neighbors trash. Get the bone dust and sprinkle it in the lake, river, ocean, or any other large body of water. And after you've burned the gloves and any clothing that had blood on it, cleaned the object you used to kill the poor soul with bleach and made sure there were no blood traces left you are DONE
lol okay its a cloud then. I love this comic so much <3
Shit, I don't remember what the answer was... Sorry it took me so long to reply but yeah we can take a break with the riddles XD
Wow, he's kinda awkward with the ladies isnt he? XD
December 21st, 2011
so THATS what the map was!
A traffic light? lol XD and yes it is fire :)

alright, A man jumps out of a window of a 20-story building. He falls all the way to the ground below, and lands on solid concrete with nothing to cushion his fall. The man gets up, still alive and completely uninjured. How is this possible?
Sorry, school, projects, and life in general have been keeping me away from updating. :/ I might be able to post again this weekend but I'll be working on some projects... FUUUUU
I'm pretty sure it's an engagement ring, cause it's on her left hand and on what looks to be her ring finger. She does NOT look happy. :(
I so knew it XD