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Just came on and saw all these new updates! Waaahhhhh!!:D
What was Noel on the cover of????
Ha, his skirt threw me off so bad for a second.
Each of these characters is getting more likeable by the minute, especially Kaku. Great job!
These girls are so realistic, it's hilarious. "Peace!"
Homocide! Haha that was fabulous.
Whoooooo! That is one badass chick.
Hey, I thought Jun was supposed to be with Shichi!! They are way cute together!
Aaaw maybe he will confess to her instead!
IT'S A SIGN!! Haha
Oh yes that's why he sent jack after the head of probiotics guy in the very beginning...
Aaaaw Jack is so niiiiice... does he have some jelousy issues? I love it, this comic blends comedy and drama so well. You are a pro. You'll go far ^U^
This is beautiful!! I love Alice and Wonderland. One of the best I've seen so far...