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The moment Hayden fell in love. Ha! Went from brotherly to loverly. ;)
It's sad that Mars has lost his friendship with Nate. Nate really did look out for him growing up.
Shut up, I didn't think Mars could get any cuter! Love that he call Hayden mean.
Love that last panel.
I've always wondered why the aliens manifest as Quinn. My thought before was that Damien, obsessed with Quinn, caused them to look like him. Now, I'm not so sure.
Second to last panel. That smirk!
What is going on!?!?!?!?
I feel like his general low self-confidence comes from being raised by in abusive and neglectful mother.
@Moondragon: that was my reaction.
I like how you capture the nonsensical thoughts of a semi conscious person.
I had a feeling he would be blaming himself on an epic scale. Hopefully certain people will intervene and show him he is loved.
Hayden and Melissa are not in a relationship. He sees other women. However, Mars knows Melissa loves Hayden.
I think Nate feels the divide between, now more than ever. He knows Mars is not telling him the whole truth and that is just another example of how they have grown apart. For most of his life Mars has confided in Nate and now there is only awkward space between them.
I'm loving autumn. Looking forward to hot soups and scary movies.

I like how Kenneth is giving positive feedback. Like he knows Harvey needs some reassurance before opening up.
If Bambi was human he would look like Mars.
Well, that's partly true. He did wake up to this.
I knew Nate would eventually notice the general lack of undress and the clothes strewn on the floor. I wonder what his reaction will be.
Three pages in a week. It's like Christmas! Only with half-nude guys. Will Melissa finally reveal that that Mars is Hayden's Zoipan... Tune in next week!
Mars has her number on his phone! Maybe we will find out why Hayden was glowing.