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Two things I love about this page. 1. the pickle 2. It shows that sex isn't always magicaly awesome.
This is really small but I love how the backpack moved from the chair to the bed.
Yet again they fail to complete a conversation. Lol
She is beautiful. Didn't see that coming. Why do they fear her so much?
I like how they are more afraid of her then of the aliens.
November 16th, 2017
I have a bad feeling about this.
The guilt is strong in both.
Without a doubt you are getting better! I looked back at the first seem like this and there is a marked improvement. In quality and steaminess! The angles are more creative and the anatomy is on point.
Live had been so busy I forgot about this comic. How could I? I still say it was love at first sight.
This page is hilarious! Not what I wasn't expecting and I love it.
November 10th, 2017
Panel 4: the moment he realizes he's fucked. ;D
I recognized this style the second I saw it. Excited to see you are doing another comic. I love the other one. Is Lost in the Snow still available to buy?
The ringtone is appropriate. And it totally counts.
Yes, break your hand to match your messed up leg. Clearly he is the brains of the operation.
(1) Question 1: who is the doggie!!!???

Question 2: How did you become interested in Egyptian mythology?
Panel 3! At least someone is having fun.
The smiles. :)
Punch him! It make knock some sense into him.
The moment Hayden fell in love. Ha! Went from brotherly to loverly. ;)
It's sad that Mars has lost his friendship with Nate. Nate really did look out for him growing up.