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Of course, you must acknowledge I am Ledgend by Richard Matheson. Though, I consider Romero'a Night of the Living Dead the genesis of the modern zombie.
It might be time for that Birthday blow job. LoL.
Is it me or does that bust look like somebody we know?
First panel frown is adorable.
I don't know if Val wants to murder Kris or kiss him. LoL
Oh no. Sad conflicted feelings ahead!
I love Val trying to act cool but he is super embarrassed. Can't wait to get back to these two.
An ex. I think
I love how the wing movement corresponds with emotion.
OMG. In real life his hair would be all lopsided but I'm sure he will look fabulous.
Val and Kris are my favorites! I love learning their past and seeing where their story goes.
Omg. I learned CPR once and remember them saying that it was common to break a sternum, never see it in fiction though. Till now! Nice touch. Oh, and I'm glad lil' crouton lived.
How fun! That is a fabulous life experience. Enjoy!
That went dark quickly. Now we know why he joined the academy.
I did not think it possible that this comic couldn't get any cuter. Those eyes!
I love these two. Kris' little blush, he really always had a thing for Val.
It's my birthday today too. What a small world.
So happy to see a new beautiful page.
Forget about a breach, an angry mother is way more terrifying. Lol
Love their linked hands.